Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks – Latest Status Of Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks 2022

Russia Ukraine ceasefire talks – Ukraine and Russia conflict has become one of the hottest topics in international politics since the first day the Russian President announced a special military action on Ukraine.

Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin claims that it is not a war but a special military action in order to save the Ukrainian public from the noisy influenced Ukrainian government.

Since the very first day till now, there have been many initiatives by different governments, including Israel, India, French, Poland, And other European countries, to come to a compromise to announce a ceasefire between both of the countries.

The war is still going at its speed which means no ceasefire talks have seen any success till now, and innocent people are dying every day.

Presidents of the United States and European countries have tried every single thing to stop Russians from attacking Ukraine, but they have not seen any success but criticism by a lot of people.

Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Round 1

Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin announced a special military action against Ukrainians on 24th February 2022. After four days of the war, on 28th February 2022, Delegations of both countries met on the Belarus Ukraine border and tried to negotiate all the terms of the ceasefire.

As per the Ukrainian media, initially, their goal was to achieve an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from all the Ukrainian cities. But both countries were not able to come to mutual terms and announced the total ceasefire.

Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks
Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks

Due to all of that, the first round of Russia Ukraine ceasefire talks Was a complete failure, and Russian troops kept charging ahead. As per the sources, Both nations did agree on certain things during the ceasefire talks hosted by Belarus, but these agreed terms were not enough to announce a complete ceasefire.

Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Round 2

After the first two ceasefire talks were not conclusive, both nations set together on 3rd March 2022 to negotiate the terms of ceasefire once again.

Just like the first round, the second round of ceasefire talks was also non-conclusive, and after talking for several hours, the delegation went home without any negotiations, and the war continued to rage.

The delegation of both countries met in the Brest region of Belarus for the second round of Russia Ukraine ceasefire talks. Even after the hours-long waiting, Russian troops are still marching ahead and doing the unthinkable under Ukrainian land.

After the talks, the Russian foreign minister insisted that Ukraine must demilitarize before they reach any peace agreement. Apart from that, Russia also told Ukraine to abandon any ambition of joining the North Atlantic treaty organization, also known as NATO.

From the very first day, the Russian President and his delegation have been insisting on two things: the first one is the demilitarization of Ukraine and the second one is to leave all the ambitions of joining the North Atlantic treaty organization.

But, the Ukrainian President believes both of the demands are unnecessary, and Ukraine will keep fighting till the last breath. Even after 10 days of the war, unlike Afghan president Ghani, Ukrainian president Zelensky is still in the country and has been fighting the Russian troops.

Governments around the world, including the United States, European Union, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan, are imposing new sanctions every day on the Russian side.

The countries which are imposing new sanctions on Russia have also been providing funds to Ukraine. Apart from that, Ukrainians are also getting military aid from several countries in the world, including the United Kingdom and Germany.

First Temporary Ceasefire

After nine days since the war break between Ukraine and Russia, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett met with Putin in Moscow on 5th March 2022.

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett is the first leader of any country to visit Russia during the crisis. The details of the meeting are not out yet, but after the visit, the Russian side announced a self-declared ceasefire.

After the meeting, many experts believe that Russia and Ukraine will come to negotiations once again, and this time, it will be a huge success, and the Russian strike won’t March ahead in the streets of Ukraine.

But in a few hours, the rules of ceasefires were violated when someone started shelling. Now both sides are criticizing each other for violating the terms of these fires, but civilians have not seen any progress on the permanent ceasefire front yet.

Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Round 3

After five days of 2nd ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine, both countries set together once again to discuss all the terms and conditions of a permanent ceasefire.

In between the second and third talk of a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, two major things had happened. The first one was the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister in Moscow, and the other one was a self-declared temporary ceasefire.

Even though Ukrainians were happy with the terms they discussed during the third round of permanent ceasefire, but Russian spokesperson was not happy, and they said their requests were not fulfilled.

The Ukrainian calculation was happy because they were able to talk about opening the humanitarian corridor from Ukrainian cities which are under fire.

After the talks, both countries were able to open humanitarian corridors for all the citizens in Ukraine, but Russia presented a plan to open a humanitarian corridor from all major cities of Ukraine to Belarus and Russia.

Russia said they are even ready to begin the airlift process from Ukrainian cities to Belarus and give. But, the Ukrainian President called it an unethical stunt and said he doesn’t want to use people suffering to create a television picture.

Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Round 4

March 2022, Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers met for the first time since the war broke out between both countries. Both foreign ministers met in Turkey to negotiate the terms of the ceasefire once again.

 Even though it’s the fourth round of ceasefire talks, it is the first time when foreign ministers directly met each other. In previous meetings, both countries sent their delegation to talk.

After the meeting, the Ukrainian foreign minister said there has been no progress in achieving a permanent ceasefire. Russian forces are marching ahead and destroying every city on their way.

The Latest Status Of Russia Ukraine Ceasefire Talks

It’s been more than 17 days since the Russian President announced the special military action against its neighbor Ukraine. Both countries have met four times to talk about the terms of a permanent ceasefire.

All of the rounds were a complete failure, and Russian troops are still marching ahead in Ukraine and destroying every city. As per the Russian President, more than 1250 people have died, and workers are putting them in mass graves.

Many leaders of different countries have gone to Russian President Mr. Putin to announce a ceasefire and talk directly with Ukrainian president Zelensky.

Starting from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has talked with the Russian Prime Minister more than two times and urged him to hold direct talks with the Ukrainian President and try to solve the conflict.

Apart from him, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett also visited Moscow a few days ago and talked to the Russian President regarding the situation.

From the very first day of the war, the French President is also in contact with the Russian President and urging him to resolve the conflict as soon as possible. Recently the German Chancellor also joined the French President and urged Mr. Putin to hold the talks with Zelensky and resolve the conflict.

Even Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin has also said there have been Some positive changes in ceasefire talks with the Ukrainian side. Soon after the dramatic statement by the Russian President, experts started talking about the next steps of Russia where Ukrainians.

 As for the experts, both of the countries are going to sit together once again to talk about all the terms and conditions of the ceasefire. It is the first time that the Russian President has said there are some positive changes, and it surely means something.

When will Russia Ukraine ceasefire talks succeed?

Apart from the Russian and Ukrainian President, nobody can tell when the pressure on the Ukraine ceasefire talks will succeed. Russia has a few demands starting from the demilitarization of Ukraine and never joining NATO. The Ukrainian President did not like the demands, and currently, there are no hints which indicate any successful ceasefire in the future. Even though Ukrainian president Zelensky has told the media he doesn’t want to join NATO anymore, there are still a few demands which are very hard for the Ukrainian side.

Who is the real culprit of the Russia Ukraine conflict?

It will be foolish to say Russian President Vladimir Putin is the culprit of the war. A lot of things play out when a country announces they are in a full-fledged war against another country. Russians are in fear because they believe after Ukraine joins, American soldiers will be walking Russian borders all the time.


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