Cataract Surgery – Cataract Symptoms,Surgery Procedure, Cost, Side Effects

Cataract Surgery – Everybody part of a human can get various diseases. For example, your lungs can get TB, lung cancer, Pneumonia, asthma, COPD, and many more.

Even though the lungs are just one body part but still due to chemical reactions and fundamental changes can cause various diseases in the human body. All of these diseases have multiple treatment options, and some of the diseases are curable while others can be controlled.

For example, your eyes can have various conditions and a huge number of treatments. You can get blurred vision, low power, and foggy lenses. Cataract Surgery Is there one type of treatment to treat cloudy vision. 

Once your vision gets cloudy because of a Cataract, your doctor might suggest you get surgery, and that surgery is called Cataract Surgery. 

During the procedure, your start again will remove the lens of your eye and replace it with an artificial one. It is a very common and safe procedure, and once the procedure is done, you will be able to see better than ever before.

Cataract Surgery procedure

Let’s take a look at all the aspects of the procedure for Cataract Surgery. It is divided into four different parts starting from preparation, pre-surgery, During surgery, and post-surgery. 

Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery


Preparation is the first step for any surgery, and it is the same for Cataract Surgery also. Your doctor may instruct you not to eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before the surgery.

Apart from that, your doctor might also advise you to temporarily stop taking any medicine which can cause high blood pressure during the procedure.

You should open up with all of your medical problems and medicines you are already taking care of. Many times doctors might recommend using antibiotic eye drops for one or two days before the surgery.


Your doctor might perform a painless ultrasound test for a week or two before your surgery and measure the size of your eye. This test will determine the right type of lens for your eye.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to take care of your eye after a few weeks of the procedure, and it will become a permanent part of your eye.

There are three different types of AOL plastic, acrylic, and silicone. Your doctor we’ll discuss with you before the surgery, and depending on your lifestyle, you can choose one.

During surgery

Your surgery won’t take more than an hour to perform, and usually, it is an outpatient procedure.

First of all, your doctor will place a few eye drops in your eye to dilate your pupils, and you will receive local anesthesia to numb the area around your eye.

If your doctor gives you a sedative, then you may remain awake but groggy during your surgery.

Your doctor will remove the clouded lens, and a clear artificial lens is usually implanted at the place of the clouded lens.

After the procedure

After the procedure, you may require a few days to begin the improvement of your vision. First of all, your vision might be blurry, but it will heal and adjust after a few days.

 At the start, you might see color a bit brighter after the surgery, but within a few days, you will get better, and you will start seeing normal just like ever before.

Cataract Surgery Recovery

Now let’s talk about the recovery part of Cataract Surgery. If you recently had surgery, then it might require two or four weeks to completely recover and start seeing like a normal person once again.

 Your doctor might give you an eye drop after the surgery, and be sure to follow your doctor’s directions for using these eye drops.

You should avoid getting any soap or shampoo, including water, in your eye for a few weeks. Always consult with your doctor before you take any back or use any bought product, including shampoo and soap.

Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery

For better recovery, kindly do not press your eye or rub it. Usually, you are asked to wear black sunglasses or a shield to protect your eye from any dust, sunlight, etc.

You should always consult with your doctor before you start driving once again or start exercising regularly.

Cataract Surgery Cost 

Now let’s take a look at the cost of Cataract Surgery. Kindly remember this is just an estimate. The actual amount for surgery might be different depending on the health care plan you have and in which state you live.

For example, if you do not have any health insurance plan, then Cataract Surgery might cost you around $3500 per eye if you are living in California. Apart from that, you also might have to pay $250 per eye during the recovery.

As per the recent analysis, most of the patients who get Cataract Surgery are 65 years or older, which is why they are covered under Medicare. Medicare is a federal and state health plan. Medicare is a federal and state health insurance plan which covers all the overage people in the United States.

Generally, Medicare can cover up to 80% cost of that treatment, and as per the calculation, you might get your surgery done within 5 – 600 U.S. dollars.

Cataract Surgery Symptoms 

Let’s take a look at all the symptoms which can cost you Cataract Surgery to get treated. Kindly remember these are the most common and general symptoms.

Blurry vision

Blurry vision is one of the most common symptoms of cataracts. During your disease, you might start seeing blurry images at any distance. Even if you use spectacles, you might get blurry vision at a distance or nearby, but during cataracts, regardless of the distance, you get blurry vision.


you might get sensitive to light, or you start seeing more clearly than ever before if you have cataracts. Usually, it gets very difficult for a person with cataracts to see in broad daylight. Apart from that, sometimes indoor lights may also begin to seem brighter, and they may appear to have Halos around them.

double vision

 Double vision is also called diplopia in technical terms, and it is also a very common symptom of cataracts. Kindly remember it is not the same as diplopia that arises from improper alignment of your eyes. Double vision only comes with cataracts when you look through one eye.

Color changes

 In many cases, patients have also reported having color changes due to cataracts. You may start seeing some color as faded, and things may look yellowish or brown tinted.

After Cataract Surgery Side Effects 

Before we wrap up the article, let’s take a look at all the side effects of cataract surgery. Even though these side effects are very rare, anything can still happen in this world.

 In some cases, people do get a high infection due to various reasons after getting cataract surgery. Doctors recommend not to rub or do anything related to your eye after the surgery, but an infection might make it impossible not to interfere with your eye.

Many times people get swelling around their eyes which were under the surgery. The swelling might occur on the front of the eye or inside the eye.

Lens fragments are also a very serious side effect or problem after the surgery. As you are already aware, your doctor removed your cloudy lens and replaced it with an artificial lens. If your doctor is not experienced enough, he might leave some pieces of the previous lens in the eye, and you might have to go through the whole procedure once again.

Bleeding after the surgery is also a very serious problem, but it’s very rare. Even though doctors say a little bit of blood is not a problem, you should still be very careful and keep checking your eyes.


Cataract Surgery Is one of the most common eye surgeries in the world. As per one statistic, more than 100,000 Americans get the surgery every year. And the toll of this surgery goes around 10 million in the whole world.

In the United States of America, the surgery is a bit expensive, and if you do not have any kind of health insurance and you are under the age of 65, then the surgery might cost you around 4000 U.S. dollars.

Usually, these types of surgeries have a huge ratio of success, but sometimes it might cause problems after the surgery such as bleeding, infection, bloody vision, and lens fragment left due to an accident by your doctor.

I am a citizen of the United States. Can I get Cataract Surgery somewhere else in the world?

As per the law, even if you are a citizen of the United States, the government allows you to get medical treatment anywhere in the world. If you feel like you either do not trust the hospitals in the United States of America or it is expensive, then you might consider going to Canada or another nearby country.

How should I care for my eye after the Cataract Surgery?

After the surgery, you should follow your surgeon. Your doctor might give you an eye drop for your eyes, and you should keep using it till your doctor tells you to stop. Apart from that, you should not rub your eye and also stay away from any water or soap.


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