Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force

The mission of the Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force is to target drug trafficking organizations and street gangs involved in drug activity in an effort to reduce availability and trafficking in Washington State and Snohomish County, thereby improving the quality of life in our communities.


  1. Reduce Drug Traffickers
    Reduce the number of drug traffickers and gang members in the communities of Snohomish County through the professional investigation, apprehension and conviction.
  2. Prosecute Drug Offenders
    Efficiently attack, disrupt, and prosecute individual and organized mid to upper level drug traffickers and street gang members who do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries or limitations, and by doing so, impact drug trafficking organizations previously thought impregnable.
  3. Enhance Local Cooperation
    Enhance drug enforcement cooperation and coordination through multi-agency investigations, support, training of local jurisdictions, and the sharing of resources and information.
  4. Promote Safe Communities
    To address these issues with the foremost consideration of safety for both law enforcement and the community.

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