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Watch: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Reveals Her Favourite Indian Foods And Her Love For Spice

Watch: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Reveals Her Favourite Indian Foods And Her Love For Spice

Priyanka Chopra talked about Indian food on a hit YouTube show.


  • Priyanka Chopra ate hot spicy sauces on a YouTube show.
  • She also recommened the best Indian foods on the show.
  • Watch the full interview video here.

We bet you haven’t seen a celebrity interview show like this one. Priyanka Chopra Jonas appeared in the hit YouTube series ‘Hot Ones’ that makes guests eat some fiery spicy food and answer the host’s questions on general life and career at the same time. Hot or horror? You have to watch to find out. Priyanka Chopra was invited to be the first guest of the new season premiere and tried out hot chicken wings (the wings of death) with some really hot sauces that got hotter and spicier with each round. She really set the screen on fire!

Priyanka Chopra had been on the same show earlier with Jimmy Fallon. Also, husband Nick Jonas featured on the same show some time back. When host Sean Evans asked Priyanka what’s going on her mind before starting with the rounds, Priyanka admitted, “I am usually a big fan of hot wings, and I am a big fan of spice, but I have seen what happened during Nick’s show and I remember what happened on mine, so I am actually terrified to be doing it again and crying on international TV.”

Watch the interview here:

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Priyanka talked about her latest film The White Tiger, currently streaming on Netflix, while breaking into tears.

Sean Evans also asked questions about Indian food. Priyanka answered: “I’ve had some amazing Indian food in London.” When asked which Indian foods she would recommend, she said: “Biryani, it’s really great. It is rice that you can have it with meat, veggies, and lots of things mixed together.” She also recommended “dosa from south of India. And from the north of India, you must try and kebabs and chaat.”

“Achaar is basically pickle made with spices. My favourite is chilli, mango and lime. It’s like a condiment that goes with all food.”

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Priyanka Chopra turned up the heat as she continued eating spicier sauces. “It’s more than hot. It’s deadly,” she avered.

But Priyanka kept on going and reminded herself, “I am Indian, I am built for this.”

Talking about hot sauce, she revealed, “My love affair with hot sauce started with my travels abroad because international food was never spicy enough. Being from India, I am used to spicy food.”

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