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Watch: Paneer Cholia Comes Loaded With Proteins And Great Taste. Do Try It This Season

Watch: Paneer Cholia Comes Loaded With Proteins And Great Taste. Do Try It This Season

Paneer cholia recipe is a must-try.


  • Cholia or hara chana is rich in proteins.
  • Paneer cholia is a yummy and healthy Indian sabzi.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

The best part about Indian food is that you can get a good taste, lots of flavours, a mouthfeel of spiciness and the essential nutrition – all at the same time. Barring some fat-laden, heavy dishes, most of the Indian sabzis that we make every day at home are super healthy. This paneer cholia sabzi is just of them. Cholia (or green chickpeas) are full of proteins, and when combined with paneer (cottage cheese) in this dish, you get a wholesome high-protein dish that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Besides being highly satiating, cholia is an excellent food for weight loss. It is a good idea to have it in this season, as you get fresh green chickpeas in winters. Also, the food helps boost your immunity and keeps you warm from within. Aloo cholia is a common dish made with this variety of chickpeas. If you like that dish already, you are going to love paneer cholia, we guarantee it.

Here’s the step-by-step recipe of paneer cholia:

Step 1 – First fry 18-20 paneer cubes in oil till light brown from all the sides.

Step 2 – Heat oil in a pan, add 2 cups of cholia and saute well. Keep aside.

Step 3 – Now fry 2 bay leaves, some cumin seeds, one cinnamon stick, cloves, and one black cardamom in some oil in pan.

Step 4 – Add 2 cups of onion paste and 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste and saute for some time. Season with turmeric powder, salt and coriander powder.

Step 5 – Add 1 cup tomato puree and stir well. Then add fried cholia and paneer. Add some garam masala, pour water and cook. 

Step 6 – Garnish with a dash of lime juice and coriander leaves. Serve!

Do try this easy and yummy cholia recipe at home.


Watch the recipe video:


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