US Air Force Space Command Logo Controversies

The United States President Donald Trump officially unveiled the US air force space command logo on January 24th, 2020. Which ignited a controversial debate regarding the US air force space command logo. Let Alone this space force command logo since President Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential elections controversies are following him. 

On January 24th, President Donald Trump Tweeted “ After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, Designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space force the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military”. 

What is US space force command?

The US air force space command is the sixth uniformed force of the United States armed forces after the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard. It was founded on the 1st of September 1982 and later renamed and restructured as the United States space force on 20th December 2019. The United States space force is the world’s first and only independent space force currently. It is part of the department of the air force within the department of defense. It is also one of the smallest US armed services.

Validation and Missions

Even though the US Air Force space command had been operating since 1980, it was first recognized as important support during Operation Desert, Which people call the gulf war these days. Experts of space also named the gulf war as the first space war because desert storms saw space technology affecting land operations with its weather, communication, early warning of attacks, etc. Air force space command made sure that communication channels were always available between the president of the United States, the Pentagon, the leadership in Saudi Arabia, and divisions fighting on land.

After 9/11

After the attack of 9/11 2001, the role of US Air Force space command in the aftermath and attack on Afghanistan increased substantially. It is the US Air Force space command which is providing a lot of tactical information to the Army deployed in Afghanistan. So many mountains and caves in those mountains made the operation in Afghanistan so difficult for the forces. That is where Air Force space command becomes an important asset that provides crucial information to the army in regards to Position, Navigation, communication, and missile warning of the enemy.

What does the US air force space command logo represent?

As Per the space force officials wrote on  Facebook “ the creation of the US space force seal pays tribute to the newest armed service that organizes, trains and equips space forces in order to protect the United States and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force.”

This new logo honors the Air force department’s history and long-standing of providing space capabilities. 

Controversy behind US air force space command logo

As soon as president of the United States Donald Trump unveiled the new US air force space command logo a new controversial debate began. The Twitter handle of CNN politics immediately tweeted a picture where they show the similarity between the two new US air force space command logos and Star Trek insignia. Star Trek is a science fiction TV series and the franchise that has used the same logo for decades.

As you can see both of the logos do look similar to each other. This created a topic of hot debate In between the people who are against the Trump administration. People are claiming that the Trump administration clearly ripped off the famous design.

Clarification by Space force

After the new logo became the hot topic of debate between the people of the United States of America department, the US Space force department issued a statement regarding the controversy. They posted it on Facebook and said that the delta symbol, the central design element of the logo, was first used as early as 1942 by the United States Army air forces. And it was also part of the Air Force Space organization back in 1961.

A United States Air Force space command veteran also tweeted that he wore the same delta logo when he was a Lieutenant back in 2005. So the whole controversy is not but just a waste of time and energy.

William Shatner on new Logo

Soon after the controversy started the famous William Shatner who was captain James Kirk in the original Star Trek series told the press that Star Trek had borrowed so many officer rank symbols from the US military and NASA at the time. Further said that people are comparing Star Trek delta with the Space Force logos even though Star Trek did copy it from the military previously. He also mentioned the Star Trek ranks of the army as well.


Even though there is a controversy going on because of the US Air Force space command logo. But we should not find it suspicious and have debated just because Donald Trump unveiled it. Most of the people related to the Star Trek original TV series and movies have confirmed that Star Trek was the original culprit, Who was inspired by the delta logo of the Air Force and Ranks of the US Navy.

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