Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate – 2022 Update

Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate: Since the start of the novel coronavirus in December 2019, it has become one of the biggest issues and challenges for the United States of America. We saw the huge impact of the coronavirus on the presidential election in 2020. Experts believe that Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden because of the pandemic. 

Now, the Biden administration, along with the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, is trying every means possible to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Recently the Biden administration issued a mandate regarding workers at large companies to be vaccinated or marked and tested weekly.

From the perspective of the health administration or Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the mandate might be a good idea to contain the spread of the new variant omicron. But many people are concerned about their free will and rights in the United States of America.

What is the Supreme Court vaccine mandate?

As you know, the Biden administration recently issued a mandate that workers of businesses with 100 or more employees Should get vaccinated or submit a COVID negative test result only on a weekly basis to enter the workplace.

Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate

Other than that, the mandate also required unvaccinated workers to wear masks indoors. Many people saw this mandate as an attempt to use the federal government’s power to fight more aggressively with coronavirus.

The president was trying to emphasize the necessity of vaccination against the coronavirus. But eventually, the Biden administration decided to use the mandate on employees of big corporations.

The mandate was allowed by the lower court, and it went into effect nationwide. Many people thought that in order to ensure the safety of people, the administration overstepped its authority.

View of Supreme court Vaccine Mandate

Despite the hard trying of the Biden administration to cope with the virus situation using the mandate, the Supreme court on the 13th of January 2022 blocked the mandate.

The Supreme Court clearly mentioned that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has clearly overstepped its authority. 

In the same judgment, the Supreme Court gave its nod to the mandate issued by the Biden administration for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS. Now all the health workers in clinical or non-clinical positions should be vaccinated till the 28th of February 2022.

Yes, there are some exceptions for those who have been granted exemption previously. CMS workers who are having temporary delays in receiving the vaccination. But overall, CMS workers are advised to get vaccinated as soon as possible, with a deadline of the 22nd of February 2022.

Biden on Supreme court vaccine mandate

After the Supreme Court blocked the mandate issued by the Biden administration on the 13th of January 2022, President Joe Biden issued a statement later that day.

Biden said that he was happy for the Supreme Court nod ruling on health care workers, but he did not stop there and criticized the ruling on businesses, which would have a much wider effect.

Biden stated that he is disappointed that the Supreme Court has blocked common sense lifesaving requirements for employees at large businesses.

He later said that now it All depends on the states and individual employees. If they want to make their workplace as safe as possible for employees and customers, They will opt for mandatory vaccination.

Liberal justices on Supreme Court vaccine mandate

Later that day, liberal justices Stephen brayer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan issued a statement stating that. 

“Today, we are not wise. In the fact of the still raging pandemic, this court tells the agency charged with protecting worker safety that it may not do so in all the workplace is needed. As disease and death continue to mount, this code tells the agency that it cannot respond to the most effective way possible.”

It is clear that liberal justices were in favor of the mandate issued by the Biden administration to control and prevent the infection. 

The rule would have impacted more than 80 million individuals in the United States of America. The rule was very simple, and it would have made a huge impact to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In the same decision, the court allowed the US Department of Health and Human Services to roll out the new vaccine policy in November 2021. 

As per the new policy, certain health care workers at hospitals, nursing homes, and other related facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs Are required to get a COVID-19 vaccination before February 2021.

Originally they were required to get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination by the 6th of December 2021. In the mandate, some religious and medical exceptions were also available.

Final words

At first glance, the mandate issued by the Biden administration looked very impressive to catch the whole coronavirus situation, But later the way things played out on the Supreme Court vaccine mandate gave the whole issue a political look.

It is all about the perspective of a person regarding the vaccination status. As per the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the COVID-19 vaccine can help you fight the virus and its latest variants. 

To ensure the safety of our surroundings, such as family and friends, it is wise to get vaccinated voluntarily, but the way the Biden administration pushed everyone was way out of its authority.

In my opinion, it will be wise if the federal government of the United States of America, led by Joe Biden, starts some initiative along with the Centers for disease control and prevention to get people vaccinated voluntarily.

The Biden administration is still arguing and defending the mandate issued by them. They argued that the nation is still under the effect of the pandemic. The virus is still sickening and killing thousands of people around the country.

They also said that any delay in implementing the regulations regarding the mandatory vaccine could result in unnecessary illness, hospitalization, and deaths.

I work as a nurse. Will I have to get vaccinated after the Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate?

Yes, you have to get vaccinated because the same judgment quote allowed to take effect of the vaccination policy ruled out by the Biden administration in November 2021. If you fall under that mandate which was issued for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, and you were advised to take the first dose of the vaccine by the 6th of December 2021, you still have to get the other dose at present your fully vaccinated vaccination card to your employer.

What will be the next step of the Biden administration after the Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate?

This situation is getting worse day by day as the virus has kept coming back with its new variants every month. That is why the Biden administration issued a mandate to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all businesses with more than 100 employees. 
After the decision on the Supreme Court Vaccine Mandate, The Biden administration had to think about new ways to get people vaccinated for their own safety.

I work as a freelancer. Is it necessary for me to get vaccinated?

Currently, the mandate is on hold as the Supreme Court has stopped the mandate issued by the Biden administration on the 13th of January 2022. Even if the mandate got the nod by the Supreme Court or the Biden administration came up with something else, pre-launching workers are not included in it. 
The previous mandate was for businesses with employees of more than 100. While freelancers work alone or with one or two people, the rules do not apply to you. For your own safety, you can opt for vaccination voluntarily. And for vaccination purposes, you can go to nearby Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVS pharmacy.

I own my own company, and we have a staff of 15 people. Should we all get vaccinated?

Even though the previous mandate was for Businesses, it was for employees working in businesses with 100 or more employees. If you own a business with fewer than 100 employees, the mandate does not apply to you. As president Biden urged everyone, you can opt for vaccination voluntarily. The vaccination is going to help you and your family to fight against the virus.

I was asked by the health department not to get vaccinated. What should I do?

The mandate issued by the Biden administration clearly mentioned that there are some exceptions in the mandate. If you have been asked by the health department not to get vaccinated for any reason, you are excluded. Other than that, there are many people who are on hold to get vaccinated by the health department; they are also excluded from demand.


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