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In the era of Social Media, Reels videography and photography have also transformed from being a Profession to Hobby in today’s modern world. And no doubt that Sony became the first choice of all the camera enthusiasts. And every Sony fanboy got attracted to the Sony alpha series and they are constantly looking at SonyAlphaRumors. So that they can get their hands on the latest and best technology sony provides. Let’s talk about a few SonyAlphaRumors.

Sony A7IV | SonyAlphaRumors

The Latest Sony A7IV which is supposed to launch soon, Is the new hot product which is getting tons of rumors these days. One rumor which was pretty hot said that the latest Sony A7IV is going to be priced around 2500 US dollars. And it is also going to be a Full Frame camera. Even though its specs have not been released by the company yet, but, here are a few which are pretty hot.

  • GPS on camera.
  • 30-32 MP sensor
  • 4k30 video oversampled from 7k.
  • 5.5IBIS
  • New Autofocus
  • 3.6M-Dot Viewfinder
  • Expected launch in October.

Successor of Sony VENICE 6K | SonyAlphaRumors

The market of SonyAlphaRumors got so hot when they Heard that the successor of the Sony Venice 6K digital motion picture camera may get announced by the end of 2021. Sony Venice 6K is one of the best thought-out cameras. So that can easily be used in a professional environment. Originally launched in 2017 a full-frame camera became the best choice of many filmmakers. And now everyone is waiting for Sony to announce its successor. Any Technical information about the successor of Sony Venice 6K is not out yet. But it is expected to go for that 8k mark. Let’s take a look at a few Sony VENICE 6k specs.

  • 24.7 MP sensor resolution.
  • A Full Frame CMOS 36.2 x 24.1 sensor type.
  • 4k 72 fps (with latest firmware)
  • 3.8k at 110 fps
  • ISO sensitivity of negative 500, negative 2500

Starvis 2 Sensor by Sony | SonyAlphaRumors

As two new PDFs with the technical specification of high dynamic range, Starvis 2 sensors got leaked. The Market of SonyAlphaRumors found a new topic of hot discussion. It is seen that the company is expected to launch two new sensors named IMX487AQX and IMX527AQX.  Let’s talk about leaked technical specs of both the sensors.


Sony’s new IMX487AQK is expected to launch with a diagonal 43.3 millimeters CMOS active pixel sensor with a square pixel array and 11.54 M effective pixels.

IMX527AQK | SonyAlphaRumors

The rumor of IMX527AQK pointed that it is expected to have a 28.5MM type 1.8 CMOS active pixel type diagonal image sensor. With a square pixel array and 11.17 M effective pixels. Along with that both of the sensors are expected to have a maximum 72 db PGA circuit and 14-bit A/D converter.

Sony A7cII | SonyAlphaRumors

Sony fanboys got so excited when they heard that the development of the Sony A7CII has already begun. And regarding the release date of the Sony A7CII is expected to be around October 2022. This seems pretty reasonable as most of the rumors are expecting that it will be released exactly one year after Sony A7IV. Even though technical specs of both of these devices are yet to be confirmed but the hot market of rumors and leaks confirmed that devices are soon going to be launched. 


Delivery of Sony ZV-E10 will get faster after 2021 | SonyAlphaRumors

Due to the shortage of electronics chips supply of components is getting hamper around the globe and manufacturers like Sony are also getting affected by it. The Latest rumors have Indicated that Even though the supply of electronics chips he’s going you get normal till the end of 2022. But there is a slight possibility that its speed will increase by the end of March 2022. 

Sony’s new ZV-E10 Has been launched and journalists along with people who do reviews are getting their hands on the new device. Is still not enough for the general public. And the shortage of Chips and other components is Making the waitlist even longer than expected. Let’s see a few specs of ZV-E10.

  • 4k 30fps with 6k oversampling.
  • FHD 120fps.
  • Active stabilization
  • Auto focus.
  • 24 MP APS-C sensor

Sony’s new 28-75mm f/2.8 FE lens

Soon after the launch of Tamron 28-75MM and Sigma 28-70 MM Rumors of Sony’s new 28-75MM F/2.8 FE lens started and the market of those rumors is pretty hot right now. And the launch date of the lens is expected to be around October November of 2021. So it is not far away which means development often lens is already at its final stages.


The Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 contemporary lens is a perfect choice for wide-angle to portrait zoom. The lens is more lightweight than its similar 24-70mm lenses. It also has a fast and silent motor for autofocus performance.

And the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 is the clear competition to The Sigma lens. This 19.4-ounce lens Comes with 6 years of limited USA warranty. With features like close focusing its compact size makes it the perfect choice for any Sony mirrorless camera.

Fake Sony 28mm F/1.8 lens | SonyAlphaRumors

A few months ago Picture of a 28 millimeters Sony lens started the hot discussion about a new product launch by the company. Neither company denied or accepted the rumors which were going around the market. Finally, it was proved wrong and the picture was declared fake. The picture was a photo edit of a 20 MM lens. A person used his photoshoot skills to edit the old picture of a 20mm lens and tried to show that it was a 28mm. Which everyone is waiting for.



Even though a few of SonyAlphaRumors may not become true in future, still most of them are taken from reliable sources. Just like the shortage of electronics components is hampering the delivery speed of Sony ZV-E10, which is expected to get clear soon in the future.

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