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Rite Aid Covid Testing

Rite Aid Covid Testing: Rite Aid offers painless Rite Aid Covid Testing at most of the Drive-Thru tests locations. Thanks to a partnership with the white house and the department of health and human services.

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Requirements for Rite Aid Covid Testing

Get tested for Covid 19, if You:

  • Do not need immediate medical attentionThis program is intended to expand access to COVID-19 risk screening and testing. It is not intended for people experiencing severe symptoms such as severe cough, severe shortness of breath, severe fever, or other concerning symptoms who may need more immediate medical care. Please visit the CDC website for information on what to do if you are sick.
  • Are 18 years old or older scheduling for yourself or for a child 4-12 years old.
  • Are 13-17 years old with a parent or legal guardian who consents to your test, and will attend and supervise you during the test scheduling for yourself.
  • Are able to get to a testing site in:CaliforniaConnecticutDelawareIdahoMarylandMassachusettsMichiganNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew YorkOhioOregonPennsylvaniaVirginiaWashington

Note: Currently does not meet requirements for Hawaii travel.

See full list of site locations

Test volumes increase over holiday weekends, and if you seek testing during these times, your results may take longer than the expected 2-5 days. If traveling to Hawaii, please note that Rite Aid and Bartell Drugs are not currently among the approved partners for testing prior to travel to Hawaii.

In order to book an appointment for the Rite Aid Covid Testing, you must follow:

  • To start a test log on to riteaid.com answer a few Pre-Screening Questions,
  • If approved sign up for an appointment.
  • Remember appointments are not available in store.
  • On the day of your Test be sure to bring your government-issued ID Card like a license drive for the drive-through at your selected rite aid testing location, a Rite Aid pharmacist will greet you and confirm your appointment and identity they’ll place a testing kit through the window of the drive-through then they’ll walk you through the test.
  • First take the Rite Aid Covid Testing kit from the drive-through window, Open the wrapper of the swab & place the swab midway in your nose rotate or circle twice then holding your nose for 15 seconds, repeat the same steps with the same swab in the other nostril.
  • When finished open the collection tube place the soft end of the swab down in the tube carefully break the shaft of the swab gainst the side of the tube using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Carefully bend the shaft at 180 degree angle, this may take a couple of attempts on each side of the Shaft.
  • Make sure the shaft of the swab and the collected specimen do not exceed the level of the tube opening then replace the cap of the tube.
  • Put the kit packaging and broken into the swab back in the testing box And place this back in the drive-through window.
  • You’ll receive your results via the email you provided at registration if positive a healthcare worker will call you results take between two and Seven days.

Book Your Rite Aid Covid Testing

Please use the below button to book Rite Aid Covid Testing

Frequently Asked Questions from Rite Aid Covid Testing

How to check for Covid-19 Symptoms?

Knowing if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to COVID 19 can be confusing. Get the information here.

How to book an appointment for Rite Aid Covid Testing Through Drive Thro?

All Rite Aid COVID 19 tests are free and available for ages 4 and up, but reservations are required to take the test. For more information on the COVID19 test, schedule the test here.

Does Rite Aid doing anything to keep their customers Safe?

Employee, customer, and community safety is the number one priority. During this unprecedented crisis, we have taken a number of additional precautions to continue to serve Rite Aid customers when they are most in need of Rite Aid help. Follow local guidelines for protective measures such as capacity limits.

All of the Rite Aid stores, pharmacies, and distribution centers comply with CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. Stores and distribution centers use cleaning kits that include hand sanitizers, wipes, masks, and gloves.

We clean these places more often and, constantly disinfect frequently used surfaces. If an employee tests positive for COVID19 or is suspected of having a COVID19 case, follow strict cleaning procedures according to CDC guidelines, such as closing the store for complete disinfection if necessary.

We also offer services such as delivery, drive-through (at a specific location), and 90-day scripting.

Does Rite Aid follow Social Distancing?

There are signs and tape markings to encourage you to stay 2 meters away from others. Install Plexiglass shields on the cash register and pharmacy windows.

How does Rite Aid Protect and offer support to Most Risk and Elderly Customers?

Rite Aid recognizes that older people and people with pre-existing conditions are particularly susceptible to COVID 19. We have special shopping hours from 9 am to 10 am daily for the elderly and those with weakened immunity.

If you are not an elderly person or a person with weakened immunity, thank you for your patience, flexibility, and willingness to visit us outside these reserved hours. If you need a prescription during this period, we recommend that you use the full-service pharmacy window available in most locations or call the store in advance to stay. We also recommend using free prescription delivery and online shopping options to minimize face-to-face contact.

Can customers pay prescriptions by text message, Rite Aid mobile app, or phone?

Currently, all shops offer a prescription prepaid service Pay’n Go. Patients who sign up for prescription notifications at eligible stores have the option to prepay their pharmacy order when they receive an email with the text Prescription is ready or a payment link.

We are also promoting the use of contactless payments, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and contactless cards, where the card can be placed near the pin pad and read wirelessly. Contact your bank for more information on contactless credit cards. A finger protector is provided for each checkout and it is recommended to use the finger protector whenever you need to touch your pinpad payment device.

Is Rite Aid’s COVID 19 test fast?

All three Rite Aid COVID 19 tests (drive-through, Mail-In, home) only take a few minutes.

Is the Rite Aid COVID 19 test painless?

The test is painless and requires only a cotton swab in the center of both nostrils.

When will I get the results?

Drive-Through: You will receive the results within 25 days via the email provided at the time of registration. If the result is positive, your healthcare professional will call you.

Mail-In: Please return the kit with free next-day shipping the day you collect the sample. You will receive the results within 2 business days after the kit arrives in the lab.

Results at home: Within 15 minutes. We recommend testing twice within 3 days, at least 36 hours apart.

Does the Rite Aid COVID 19 test meet travel requirements?

The Rite Aid test meets the requirements for many destinations, but to ensure that your trip is okay, check the requirements on your destination website or CDC website. These websites need to identify approved tests or labs that can be used to meet your specific testing needs. If you’re traveling to Hawaii, keep in mind that Rite Aid isn’t currently one of the approved partners listed for pre-travel testing in Hawaii.


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