Report Lateral Flow Test Gov UK – scheduling – Feb 2022

Report lateral flow test gov uk – the spread of novel coronavirus has hit hard each and every person in the United Kingdom. We have seen more lockdowns, restrictions, illness, deaths in the last two years than ever before.

The world was not ready for the pandemic when it started. That is why even after three waves, the government is still trying to contain the spread without much success. 

Not just the government of England but all the governments of different countries in the world think that regular testing to contain the spread of novel coronavirus is the best thing.

As per the National Health Service, 1 out of three individuals with COVID-19 do not show any symptoms. Anyone without symptoms becomes more dangerous for society than a person who has the virus and symptoms at the same time.

What is a lateral flow test?

Lateral flow testing, also known as rapid testing, is the fastest and simplest way to test people for the Nobel coronavirus who don’t have any symptoms. 

If a person doesn’t have any symptoms related to the COVID-19, this doesn’t mean that the person is not spreading the virus. A little flow test can quickly find the infected person, and it can save others from getting the infection.

Lateral flow tests are like a home pregnancy test kit. It can give you results in just a few seconds, and if you find yourself positive, kindly self isolates yourself. 

Report Lateral Flow Test Gov UK

Report lateral flow test gov uk

According to the latest guidelines issued by the National Health Service, every time you use a rapid flow test, you have to report the results as soon as possible. Kindly remember that you cannot upload results older than 24 hours.

Even if you get negative results, you have to report a lateral flow test. You will require the QR code or the ID number printed on the test strip and a local mobile phone number so that they can text you to confirm.

Kindly follow the steps given below to report later flow tests Gov UK.

  • Kindly click on the button given above to reach the web page of the official website.
  • On the web page, you will find a green button named start now. Kindly press the button.
  • On the next page, it will ask you to either create an account or sign in with your previous account. 
  • Once you have signed in or created an account, it will ask you, who are you reporting a result for? If you are reporting results for yourself, you can click on myself and proceed.
  • After that, it will ask you where you live. You can select England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. 
  • Now it will ask you if you are taking this test for your job. This question also applies to temporary staff and volunteers.
  • Next, you will have to tell why you took this test. You will get four options, or you can select no reason.
  • Now It will ask you when the test was taken. You cannot report tests older than 24 hours.
  • On the next page, you can enter the test strip ID number, or you can also scan the test strip QR code.
  • As a next step, it will ask you to enter your full name, your date of birth, your gender, your ethnicity, And your full address.
  • At last, it will ask you for a mobile phone number and email address. the government will send you the confirmation of all the steps on your mobile number.

Once you have cleared all these steps, it will Report lateral flow test gov uk. You can use one mobile number to report multiple tests. 

Benefits of reporting your tests

After seeing these many steps, you might be skeptical about reporting your lateral flow test results. But there are many benefits of your reporting. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Understand the current COVID-19 situation

When you report your Lateral flow test back to the government, it allows the government to understand the current situation of the spread of novel coronavirus. 

It is very important for the government and National Health Service to know about each and every infected person in the United Kingdom. 

The data allow the government to make adjustments in the health sector, such as extra intensive care units, extra medicine, and other medical equipment.

Prevent the spread of the virus

As you already know that more than 33% of total positive persons don’t have any symptoms related to the novel coronavirus, such as fever, sore throat, weakness, trouble in breathing, etc.

These 33% of people can infect other people without even knowing that they are infected with the virus. When you take a lateral flow test, it helps the government and society to prevent the spread of the virus.

Every infected person who comes positive in a lateral flow test is recommended to self-isolate as soon as possible. This way, the infected person won’t spread the virus to family and friends. 

Identify any new outbreak.

When you try to report your later float test results on the website of government, it asks you every possible question, such as why you are taking this test, what your name is and where you live.

If more people report positive in one neighborhood, it allows the National Health Service to identify any new outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

You might already know that it is very important for the government to identify any new outbreak as soon as possible so that they can make adjustments in nearby hospitals and health centers.

Protect people at higher risk

You can be at high risk for vulnerable people if you are positive and you don’t have any symptoms. You can be the carrier of the virus and, in fact, a vulnerable person. This could be a life-threatening situation.

That is why the government asks everyone to get tested at least twice a week so that the government can identify positive people without any symptoms and save the lives of people at higher risk.

How tests are used

Many people were skeptical when the government first started giving free lateral flow test Kits. Now you have a chance to prove them wrong by reporting your results back.

Because it requires a mobile number and an email address to report each and every test kit, the government can later use the data to let everyone know that their initiative was a success and tests were used by legit persons.


Regular testing for the COVID-19 has become one of the most effective techniques to contain the virus. As per a few experts, testing is way better than vaccinating.

But the problem with regular testing is that you cannot ask everyone to make an appointment and reach the testing site twice a week or more because no one has spare time during working hours.

Lateral flow testing, also known as rapid testing, has become one of the most popular tests. It is a very easy and fast test, and Get your results within 30 minutes. 

The test is recommended to every person who doesn’t have any symptoms related to novel coronavirus. If you don’t have any symptoms and your test comes positive, kindly isolate yourself as soon as possible, and you should report your test.

Do I Need to confirm my positive lateral flow test with a PCR test?

No, As per the latest guidelines by the National Health Service, you don’t have to confirm a pure positive lateral flow test with the PCR test. A literal flow test is for people who don’t have any symptoms related to novel coronavirus, and a PCR test is for people who have symptoms related to the virus. For the safety of your family and friends, you can self-isolate as soon as you get your positive result and report it.

I was negative in the Lateral flow test. Do I have to report my test results?

Yes, you can even report your negative letter flow test. Reporting is not limited to just positive litter flow tests. You can even report a lateral flow test if it comes out to be void. So, in conclusion, all three types of results, positive, negative, and void, can be reported back.

Can I report multiple lateral flow tests at the same time?

No, you cannot report multiple lateral flow tests at the same time. There is no option to report multiple tests at the same time. You can only report one letter flow test at the same time, but you can use the same mobile number and email address to report multiple tests.


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