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Register Lateral Flow Testing – as the positive cases of the novel coronavirus are rising again in the United Kingdom, it is becoming a challenging situation for the government. The National Health Service and the government he’s doing everything possible to contain the spread of the virus.

Experts and renowned doctors think that regular testing and keeping a check on those testing is one of the most important tools to contain the spread of the virus. It is also very important to keep every citizen safe. 

There are two different types of tests available in the United Kingdom. The first one is the PCR test, and the other one is the lateral flow test which is also called an antigen or rapid test. 

What is a lateral flow test?

Lateral flow testing, also known as rapid testing or antigen test, is the fastest and simplest way to test people for the novel coronavirus. 

Currently, Lateral flow tests are recommended for every person in the United Kingdom. If a person doesn’t have any symptoms related to the COVID-19, it doesn’t mean that the person is not infected with the virus. A Lateral flow test can quickly find the infected person, and it can save others from getting the infection.

Lateral flow tests are similar to home pregnancy test kits. It can give you results in just a few minutes, and if you find yourself positive, kindly isolate yourself and report your test results.

Register Lateral Flow Testing

Register lateral flow testing

The government of The United Kingdom asks everyone to register for a lateral flow test. They have even launched a portal where you can visit and easily register for the PCR test as well as a lateral flow test using that test strip ID number.

Kindly use the steps given below to register lateral flow tests. Registering a lateral flow test is different from reporting lateral flow test results.

  • Kindly click on the button given above to visit the official website page of the UK government. 
  • On the page, you will find a green button named start now. Kindly click on the button to register for a test.
  • At this step, it will ask you, who are you registering for a test for? If you are interested in yourself, kindly click “on myself”, and if you are registering for someone else, then click on someone else and press continue.
  • Now it will ask you to either sign in or create a new account at the National Health Service website. If you are already using a National Health Service application, this means that you already have an account, and you can easily sign in.
  • Once you have signed in, it will ask you to enter the unique test kit barcode. You can either enter the unique code, or you can scan the barcode. It will be an 11 character code kindly checked on the front of the testing strip.
  • After successfully entering the 11 digit code, it will ask you a few questions starting from, did you travel to any countries outside the UK and Ireland within the last 14 days? If you have travelled, kindly click on yes and press continue.
  • Now enter the test site ID. It will be three or four characters ID. Once you have entered the ID, you can press continue and confirm the test site on the next page.
  • Now it will ask you a few questions such as the date and time of the test, your full name, date of birth, your gender and the ethnic group you belong to.
  • Later it will ask you about your area of work, your occupation, and the name of your employee.
  • As final steps, you have to tell if you have any symptoms related to the novel coronavirus. 
  • If you have taken the vaccines, it will ask you to enter the details. If you have not taken any vaccine, kindly click on no and press continue.
  • Now it will ask you where you live, and you can select one out of four options. It has England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales As options.
  • Now you can enter your mobile number and email address if you have any.

The whole process is 28 steps long, and adding the last will show you all the answers that you have filled in. 

Why Register Lateral Flow Testing?

There are so many benefits of registering your Lateral flow test. The government is trying everything to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. And regular testing has become one of the most effective techniques to contain the spread.

Before you attend any seminar or social gathering, for your own safety, it is very important to use a lateral flow testing kit and make sure that you are not the one infected at the gathering. Other than that, schools and colleges are also requesting everyone to get tested. 

When you gather at some place, and you all use testing kits, it allows the government and National Health Service to keep a check on the number of people gathering at a place and their infection status. 

If someone gets positive after a few days of attending any gathering, then the government can inform each and every person to test themselves again. That is a great way to make sure that everyone is safe.

That is why at many social gatherings or institutional gatherings, a person is not allowed unless he registered for the test and then reported the results. 


Just like reporting the results, register lateral flow testing is also very important for the government of the United Kingdom. You can use our step by step guide and register your lateral flow test easily.

The lateral flow test is also called the antigen test. It is the fastest way to check if someone has been infected with the novel coronavirus or not. In more than 33% of total infected cases, People don’t get any symptoms related to the novel coronavirus such as fever, sore throat, body aches, trouble engaging.

Many social and institutional gatherings won’t allow you to enter the premises unless you have registered your lateral flow test and reported back the results of the test.

Is Reporting lateral flow test and registering lateral flow test the same?

No, reporting the lateral flow test or registering a lateral flow test is not the same thing. When you register your lateral float test, it gives the data to the government who took the test and where the test was taken. When you register for your test, you have to provide a three-digit code related to the location of the test. But when you report your lateral flow test results, they don’t ask you anything like that.

I am not able to use the online service to register my lateral flow testing. Is there any other way?

If you are not able to use the online service to register lateral flow testing, you can call 119 from your mobile phone or landline. All the lines are open seven days a week from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM. The 119 call support is available in more than 200 languages. You can also use my eyes app and ask for assistance. You will get it trained in HS tests and trace stuff under the specialized help section of the application.

Can I report my results even if I haven’t registered my lateral flow testing?

Yes, you can report your lateral flow testing results on the online platform even if you did not register your lateral flow testing. Usually, social gatherings or institutional gatherings don’t allow you to enter the premises unless you have registered and reported your lateral flow testing results. But, if you are taking the test at your home, you can easily report lateral flow testing even if you haven’t registered for lateral flow testing before.

I bought my own lateral flow testing kit using online shopping platforms. Do I have to register for lateral flow testing?

No, it is not mandatory to register each and every lateral flow testing, but you can report your results. Usually, social gathering and institutional organizations ask you to register lateral flow testing before you enter the premises. But if you bought your own lateral flow testing kit, you can report your results and skip the register lateral flow testing part.


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