PCR Test For Travel – International Travel Guidelines 2022

Pcr Test For Travel – International travel for any purpose, whether it’s business or tourist, has become a major challenge for everyone in the world. Most of the countries in the world have been restricting individuals due to fears of spreading the virus.

For the whole year, starting from December 2019 to December 2020, the number of flights reduced to 10% of normal frequency in most of the countries. 

Even after 2 1/2 years of first bread, most of the countries do not allow passengers at pre-COVID speed. Each country is different, and they have different rules to visit their country depending on the current situation and the country of the traveler.

That is why we have come up with a PCR test for travel rules for top countries so that you can travel without any worry, whether it’s for business or tourist purposes. So let’s take a look at it.

Travel guidelines for traveling to US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a group of beautiful islands located in the Caribbean sea. Many people from the United States go there to enjoy their vacations these days even though it was previously used as an important military base.

In the US Virgin Islands, you have to upload digital proof of a negative PCR test which must be taken within three days of your arrival. Even though you can upload vaccination proof, it is not mandatory to be vaccinated.

Masks are mandatory in the territory of the US Virgin Islands. You might be denied service in any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop if you are not wearing a mask.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Canada

The Canadian government has recently eased the rules to visit Canada for business or travel purposes. From 28th February 2022, you are no longer required to present a PCR test if you are a fully vaccinated traveler.

PCR Test For Travel
PCR Test For Travel

Now you can even present rapid tests only if you are fully vaccinated. You must ensure that you have taken a rapid test within 24 hours of your arrival in the country.

Apart from that, fully vaccinated travelers are no longer required to be in quarantine even while their arrival test results are in waiting.

If you are not vaccinated, then you will be subjected to testing requirements and a 14-day mandatory quarantine. 

Travel guidelines for traveling to Mexico

Mexico is one of the most lenient tourist places in the world where you don’t have to present any PCR test report on your arrival. Apart from that, you also don’t have to provide any vaccination certificate to the Mexican authorities before you enter. 

It is not just valid for tourists from the United States. Even if you are traveling from Canada or the United Kingdom, you can enter Mexico without any vaccination or RT PCR test report.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Italy

Italy is one of the hotspots for tourists in Europe and countries included in the European Union. The rules here are a bit different and tougher than any other country in the world.

International travelers at least 50 years old must present a full vaccination certificate. Apart from that, travelers can also provide proof of a recent recovery from COVID within the last six months.

Other travelers who are younger than 50 years old can present proof of full vaccination no longer than 270 days ago. Apart from that, you might also require negative pre-arrival COVID tests.

Travel guidelines for traveling to The UK

The United Kingdom has also opened its gates for all travelers from the world. Now fully vaccinated travelers will no longer require a pre-arrival or post-arrival PCR test.

Non-vaccinated visitors who are traveling to the United Kingdom must have a negative pre-arrival test no sooner than two days before the departure of the flight. Apart from that, non-vaccinated visitors must also book and pay for a post-arrival test.

Regardless of your vaccination status, you are no longer a mandatory quarantine.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Israel

Israel is the home of jewels, and recently they have also opened their gates for tourism again for fully vaccinated people. Apart from that, people who have recently recovered can also enter Israel by presenting in a negative pre-arrival test and self-quarantine for the first day.

Apart from that, if you are unvaccinated and you want to visit the Holy Land of Jewish people, then you might have to provide pre-arrival and post-arrival COVID-19 negative reports along with a few days of quarantine.

Travel guidelines for traveling to New Zealand

Even though the world is opening its door for travelers either for tourism purposes or business, New Zealand is still closed for nonessential travel. The gates of New Zealand are open for only fully vaccinated travelers from Australia.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is going to review the COVID condition in July 2022, and later they will decide whether they want to open New Zealand to everyone or not.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Australia

Australia is among a few tier-one countries which have opened their country for all the travelers, including tourists and business. Now you can enter Australia if you are fully vaccinated with a negative pre-arrival RT PCR test report.

You should take the test within three days before you board your flight. As per the current guidelines, if you are fully vaccinated and you have a negative PCR report for travel, you can enter Australia without any worries.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Iceland

Iceland was one of the few European countries which opened its border after COVID-19. Till now, you don’t require any proof of vaccination or a negative pre-arrival PCR test for travel.

 Starting from 25th February 2022 now on, you no longer require any proof of vaccination or pre-arrival test to enter Iceland. The decision of the Iceland government has been appreciated by travel groups, and it might help them in easing international travel testing requirements.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Costa Rica

In southern America, Costa Rica is one of the favorite places for thousands of tourists visiting the continent. Starting from 31st March 2022, unvaccinated visitors will require valid health insurance and health pass to enter the country.

 Apart from that, vaccinated visitors will require proof of vaccination and a health pass to enter Costa Rica. Regardless of your vaccination status, a pre-arrival test report is optional. If you are entering Costa Rica after 1st April 2022, health passes or health insurance will no longer be mandatory to enter the country.

Travel guidelines for traveling to UAE

 As part of the national emergency, crisis, and disaster management authority, you will no longer require a PCR test to travel to the UAE if you are fully vaccinated.

 As per the authorities, you just have to show a full vaccination certificate with an approved QR code, and you will be allowed to enter the country. Apart from that, unvaccinated travelers can also enter the country, but they have to present an approved COVID negative test report received within 48 hours of departure.  

You can also present a QR code accompanying certificate of recovery from a COVID infection within one month from the date of travel.

Travel guidelines for traveling to Bali 

Bali, one of the favorite travel destinations of people all around the world, has also scrapped its quarantine requirement for all fully vaccinated international travelers starting from 7th March 2022.

 Travelers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other 23 countries can get visas on arrival, and they also will be able to skip quarantine if they are fully vaccinated and have got their booster dose. You just have to present a negative PCR test For Travel report and your certificate of vaccination.

Travel guidelines for traveling to France

France is also following the trend of easing the travel restrictions in the European Union. Starting from 12th February 2022, you are no longer required to present a COVID-19 test if you are fully vaccinated.

 Just like other countries, non-vaccinated visitors traveling to France have to present a COVID negative test taken 24 hours before travel. Apart from that, they also have to present a compelling reason to travel to the country.

Starting from 28th February 2020 to now on, you will no longer use masks in restaurants, cafés, and other inside places.


As the world is learning to live with COVID along with a huge vaccination drive in the world, countries have been opening their borders for all the vaccinated people.

In experts opinion, it is the best time to travel as there will be fewer people. Apart from that many travel companies are also offering their premium services at very reasonable prices. 

Do I require a PCR test to travel around the world?

Yes and no, the answer depends on the country you are traveling to. For example, countries like Iceland do not require any vaccination or PCR test for travel. On the other hand, you must present a vaccination certificate if you are traveling to France or the United Kingdom.

Where can I get the RT PCR test for travel?

There are many pharmaceutical chains in the United States providing free RT PCR tests if you are traveling internationally. You can make an appointment at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy and get a PCR test for travel.


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