KFC Chicken Game Console: Eat & Play !! Yummy

Advertising is one of the biggest things where multinational companies invest most of their profit. Because advertisement will attract more customers and more customers will attract revenue which will eventually become the profit for the company. And sometimes marketing team comes up with a revolutionary idea that looks like a joke but becomes the biggest topic of debate around the world, without any major cost. This was done recently by the Kentucky fried chicken also known as KFC. Companies working team comes with the plan called KFConsole or KFC chicken game console. 

Some people call it a Marketing stunt or PR stunt but in reality, it is kind of funny. It was a satire on the new launch of Play Station 5 in the starting but now it has become a big deal in the Market.

What is KFC chicken game console?

Back in June 2020 when the whole world was fighting against Kentucky fried chicken is also known as KFC announced, that they will launch a unique and one-in-a-kind gaming console for all video game lovers. For the first few months, everybody thought that it is just hox. Until In December 2020 when KFC launched a video of the KFC chicken game console also known as KFConsole.

From the very first day, the brand new KFC chicken game console is winning the hearts of every gamer around the world. Even though it is not a pure console other than a custom build PC but still it has become the topic of hot debate.

In an official report published by Kentucky fried chicken also known as KFC, the KFC chicken game console is going to be very high in terms of specs. Even though they are not a tech company, they will still provide top-class specifications for the console.

KFC chicken game console
KFC chicken game console

What is the Unique feature of KFC Gaming Console ?

The company did not gain any overnight popularity among gamers because they are going to launch the KFC chicken game console. Kentucky fried chicken gained popularity and became a topic of hot debate due to its unique feature in the console.

In the Promo released by the KFC gaming official Twitter handle, the KFC chicken game console will have a chamber inside the console that will keep your fried chicken warm. While you are playing any game on the console. 

Yes, this may seem unrealistic, but the KFC console is going to be loaded with the heating chamber in order to keep your chicken warm. So that you can play without any worries about your food getting cold. 

Is KFC chicken game console a good idea?

When you Talk about any electronic device, it is always suggested you keep it in a cool place. In our laptops, computers, even TV companies try to provide good air circulation to keep all the components getting what and fry itself.

Add this in the electronic word is that heat is your enemy. that is why many companies sell custom build water cooling systems so that you can get the maximum performance out of your system.

But when Kentucky fried chicken and now is there KFC gaming subsidiary and KFC chicken game console. Every techy in the world thought of 1 thing. Where will heat go? As you know that KFC announced that they will have a Heating chamber inside the gaming console.

So when you talk about is KFC chicken game console is a good idea then you have to think about that heating chamber which is its only unique point. because for a gaming console Xbox and PlayStation do not have much competition from any other company.

The components given in the KFC console will also release heat and a lot of heat without any air circulation can damage the product or hit the performance very Hard.

Right now we cannot conclude because the official product is not out yet and has not been reviewed by anyone. Once the product is launched we will see how they are managing the heat and then we can conclude is it good or not.

Specifications of KFC chicken game console

Even though KFC is not a technology-related company it is a fast-food chain best known for its fried chicken. But when they decided to build a unique game console for all the video game lovers with a heating chamber. So that gamers can enjoy hot food while playing the games. They did not think of choosing low-end specs. Let’s take a look at the specs of the KFC chicken game console.

  1. The KFC chicken console is going to be powered by it Cooler Master chassis model NC100.
  2. For the CPU, KFC selected Intel core i9 9980hk ke CPU. Currently it is this second fastest cpu for any PC.
  3. For storage it is going to have 2 PCIe NVMEe 1TB SSDs by Seagate CarraCuda 
  4. KFC chicken game console by KFC gaming has not officially released which graphic card they are going to pop in for GPU. Only one information is out there that ASUS RTX will be on the console.
  5. Other than that company has also released that it is going to be VR ready out of the box.
  6. It will also have functions like Ray Tracing so that Gamers can enjoy every type of game.
  7. And for the video output it is officially out there that KFC chicken game console will have up to 240 FPS and 4K output.

On paper, it looks more impressive than any other gaming console such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox series X. But for the right judgment, we should wait for it and let the company officially launch the KFC chicken game console. Then we can have a clear view of its performance and all.

And if we talk about the basic design of the KFC chicken game console then we are safe to say that KFC has copied its own KFC bargain Bucket. Yes, that bucket in which they deliver its food. And till now we have only seen pictures of the console in black and red color so it is safe to say that black will be available.

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KFC Chicken Game Console: Eat & Play !! Yummy

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