How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver -Windows 10,11, Updated Info

How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver – A laptop or computer is made of different components, including hardware and software. Without these essential components, the hardware cannot communicate with each other, and you will not get all the features you are expecting.

For example, the sound driver in your computer allows your sound card and under speakers to connect with each other and perform various tasks. 

If you remove sound drivers from your operating system, then your hardware will not be able to communicate with the speakers and give specific commands. As a result, you will not get any sound. 

Similarly, Bluetooth drivers allow your Bluetooth hardware to connect with other nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. Installing fresh drivers is one way, but it is also very important for you to know how you can reinstall and upgrade them in the future.

That is what we will discuss today. Our tutorial includes information such as how to reinstall Bluetooth drivers and why you should reinstall them. So let’s dive deep into it.

How To install Bluetooth Driver In easy steps

First and first, let’s take a look at our simple tutorial on How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver in simple steps. Kindly follow each step one by one, and you will be able to reinstall your Bluetooth drivers.

How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver
How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver

 Step One: First of all, you have to press the WINDOWS + X button together, and it will open a specific menu.

Step 2: Once you have opened the manual, then kindly find the option and click on “Device Manager”.

Step 3: Once you have opened the device manager option, then kindly click on “View” from the ribbon menu at the top left corner.

Step 4: After that, kindly click on “Show hidden device”. As soon as you click on the option, it will show you all the hidden devices. If the option is already checked, then kindly don’t do anything.

Step 5: After clicking on show hidden device, now find the option named “Bluetooth” and click on it. 

Step 6: Now, kindly right-click on your Bluetooth device. Here you will find a few options, including update device, uninstalled device, disable the device, etc.

Step 7: from the long list of options, kindly click on “Uninstall device”. Do not worry about anything, and we will install it in the next step.

Step 8: Once you have uninstalled the drivers, kindly look at the top left corner. And click on the action button in the ribbon menu. After clicking on the action button, kindly click on scan for hardware changes.

Step 9: After that, a new option will appear named other devices in the list of drivers. Here you can right-click on the network controller and click on install driver.

As soon as you click on the install driver at the other devices option, it will reinstall Bluetooth drivers. Apart from that, it will hopefully resolve every problem that you have due to your Bluetooth drivers.

How to reinstall Bluetooth driver using Windows update

Apart from the above given easy steps tutorial, there are a few other ways which you can use to you which you can use to your blue which you can use to reinstall your Bluetooth driver on Windows operating system.

One of those ways is to reinstall the Bluetooth driver using Windows update. We have also collected a step-by-step tool for how to reinstall Bluetooth drivers using Windows updates. Kindly check it below.

How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver
How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver

Remember, the tool might only work if you are using a genuine version of the Windows operating system. On cracked or pirated versions of Windows, it might not work.

Step one: first of all, you have to press the Windows + I button to open the settings on your Windows 10 and 11.

Step 2: as soon as you click both of the buttons together, it will open the settings. You can even reach the settings by doing a right-click on the windows icon at the left bottom corner and clicking on the settings.

Step 3: Now, in the settings, click on the windows and security icon. 

Step 4: As you click on the windows and security icon, it will open the Windows Update section. Here you have to find the option named optional updates.

Step 5: in the optional updates column, you have to check if there is any update available for drivers, and if there is any driver available for update, kindly update and install it.

Do not forget to restart your computer after installing the driver.

If you do not have Bluetooth drivers on your computer, The above-given tutorial will also take care of that and install the Bluetooth drivers for the first time on your computer and laptop.

Reasons you need to update and reinstall drivers.

Sometimes even experienced people, let alone the new ones, don’t know why to update or reinstall already installed drivers in their Windows operating system.

That is why we have collected a few reasons so that you can stay updated and enhance your knowledge at the same time. If you are just looking for how to reinstall Bluetooth drivers in your Windows operating system, then kindly check the above-given tutorial.

Connect with hardware

The foremost reason for installing a driver in your operating system is to allow your operating system to connect with software and hardware that you have already installed.

Without the help of drivers, your operating system will not be able to contact and use the attached hardware effectively. For example, Bluetooth drivers allow the operating system and other hardware to contact a Bluetooth device connected to the hardware.

Bug fixes

When you reinstall or update your already installed drivers, it removes all the bugs which were in previous versions and install a fresh bug-free driver on your PC.

You might have encountered there’s sometimes even after connecting your speakers with your computer you do not hear any sound whatsoever. In the diagnosis, you might find that you have successfully installed drivers but still no success.

That, my friend, is a bug for you. The simple solution to this problem is to uninstall the previously installed drivers and install a fresh bug-free update.

better performance

After reinstalling your previously installed driver, your device might perform better than ever before. Let’s take our previous example to an extent. For example, you have successfully installed sound drivers in your PC, and you connect a 5.1 channel Dolby sound with your PC.

If your PC is not able to handle the latest 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel Dolby system, it won’t detect, and you will only hear mono sound.

Again, the simple solution to this problem is to reinstall the sound driver. As soon as you reinstall, it will detect that you are using something else, and you will utilize the full potential.

Enhance security

Any software which is not up to date is a major threat to your privacy and the performance of the operating system. That is why operating system developers such as Microsoft tell everyone to stay updated with their latest windows and driver updates.

Hackers might find a way using multiple ways to hack your computer and steal your information. To enhance your security, you should always update every piece of software, including drivers in your rating system.


Drivers are a key component that allows your operating system to connect with attached hardware. That is why if your drivers get any problems, your whole system stops responding to that hardware.

Bluetooth drivers are the need of the hour, and that is why we have come up with how to reinstall Bluetooth drivers. We have given a step-by-step tutorial so that you can easily reinstall Bluetooth drivers on your computer. 

Kindly remember that this tutorial is for the Windows operating system. The steps are very easy, and if you are already using genuine Windows 10, you can also install fresh drivers using the official Windows Update function.

If you are still not able to install or reinstall Bluetooth drivers on your Windows operating system, then kindly connect with the motherboard manufacturer of your computer. You might require a technical expert.

Can I install custom drivers on my computer?

In recent years the trend of custom drivers has increased a lot. Many independent developers are releasing custom drivers for a huge number of hardware, including Bluetooth.
Security experts will not allow you to install any type of custom driver on your computer, but if you trust the source with the privacy of your computer, then you can install it. If you do not know the source and the developer 10, I will suggest you kindly skip it.

I installed Bluetooth drivers on my computer, but still, it is not working. What should I do?

If you have already installed the Bluetooth drivers and it is still not working, then kindly check whether you have the hardware for Bluetooth in your computer or not. If you have Bluetooth hardware in your computer, then kindly check if you are using the right drivers or not.


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