How to Create a new Microsoft Account site – Updated Guide 2022

How to Create a new Microsoft Account – Windows has become the synonym of the operating system, and there is no doubt that Microsoft is growing only because of windows. It is one of the few technology companies which are working worldwide.

With every update, Windows is growing in terms of user experience and features. Nowadays, you require a Microsoft account to enjoy a seamless experience with all the features unlocked in your Windows operating system.

That is why we have come here with a step-by-step guide for you to help on, How to Create a new Microsoft Account? You can use a Microsoft account to unlock many features in your Windows operating systems, such as sync and backup. 

We will talk about these features a little later but let’s first discuss our main topic: How to Create a New Microsoft Account.

How to Create a new Microsoft Account
How to Create a new Microsoft Account

Steps How to Create a new Microsoft Account site

Let’s take a look at an easy step-by-step tutorial on How to Create a new Microsoft Account.

Step one: first of all, you have to visit the official website of Microsoft. 

Step 2: After reaching the homepage of Microsoft, you have to click on the profile icon on the top right corner of your display.

Don’t panic. It is named assign in, but you will get the option to create a new Microsoft account.

Step 3:  On the sign-in page, in the middle, you will find one button right next to the no-account option. You can click on create one and proceed.

Now you will require a pre-made email address to create a new Microsoft account.

If you already have a Hotmail, Outlook, or Gmail Account, you can use that, or you can also create a fresh Hotmail outlook account just for Microsoft.

Step 4: Now, either enter your old email address or freshly created new email address. Kindly remember that it will also become your username for your Microsoft account. 

Step 5: After entering your email address, it will ask you to create a fresh password for your Microsoft account. Kindly remember that it is not asking you to enter the password of your email account. You can create a fresh password specifically for Microsoft accounts.

Step 6: now, it will ask you to enter your first name and last name. Once you have entered your full name, kindly click on next.

Step 7: the next step will ask you to select your country or region and enter your date of birth at the same time.

Step 8: Kindly go to your email address and check for a new email by Microsoft. It will be a verification email where Microsoft sends a five-digit verification code to your email address to verify the ownership of the email address.

 Step 9: Now, Microsoft will check if you are using any bot to create new Microsoft accounts or if you are a human. Microsoft will ask you to solve three small puzzles. Once you have successfully solved these puzzles, you will be redirected to the homepage of Microsoft, and your account will be working.

Features of Microsoft account

Let’s take a look at a few features offered by Microsoft accounts. 

Set up windows 11

Since Windows 10, Microsoft has been pushing Microsoft accounts to every user. With Windows 11, you can not ignore Microsoft accounts by just creating a local profile during your windows setup.

Previously it was necessary for all the windows 11 home users to create a Microsoft account first and then proceed, but now Microsoft is planning to introduce it on pro versions also.

So if you are planning to upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11 in the future, you should create a new Microsoft account right now. Otherwise, you will not be able to sign in and use your windows 11 properly.

One drive

One drive is a Cloud service offered by Microsoft. It is also an integrated service in Windows 10 and 11. you can easily access data saved in one drive using your mobile phone and computer.

You can save all of your important files and add data on Microsoft cloud storage. You can easily access it from anywhere you want. It is one of the best options to make a backup also.

Bing points

To compete with one of the biggest search engines in the world, Google, Microsoft comes with Bing reward points. You can access Bing reward points only using a Microsoft account.

Microsoft is trying everything to revive Bing, and reward points are a great way to do it. Using Bing reward points, you can win Microsoft Store credit, Xbox credit, and Xbox games.


Cortana is an integrated artificial intelligence just like Google Assistant and Siri by apple. It is an integrated function in Windows 10 and 11. That is why it requires a Microsoft account to work better than ever before.

Even though you can use it without a Microsoft account, the functions are going to be limited, and in order to use it fully, you have to sign in using a Microsoft account.

App Store

Microsoft introduced the App Store in 2012 with Windows 8. Even though when it was first launched, it had so many problems, and nowadays it has been improved a lot by the developers.

You can easily install new applications and check for updates in your already installed applications. But all of these tasks are only possible if you have already signed in using your Microsoft account.


Many times Windows users lose their system settings because they do not take its backup. Even though Windows has offered sync for a very long time now, Regular users do not take backup.

Starting from Windows 10, Microsoft has started to push everyone to create a new Microsoft account or use an existing one to use many features of its operating system. 


Microsoft offers an Xbox gaming application for its Windows operating system. And you can use certain features of Xbox on your Windows PC. You can use the Xbox windows app to interact with your friends using its chat function. Other than that, you can also stream games from Xbox to windows applications.

It is only available if you use a Microsoft account in both your Xbox device and your Windows operating system. Then you will be able to sync your data and enjoy Xbox games on your PC also.

Find My Device

Recently Microsoft introduced a security feature known as Find My Device. In case your device ever gets stolen, or you forget it somewhere, you can easily find it with the feature.

Find My Device also requires a Microsoft account, and whenever you want to track your device, you can easily go to your device’s feature on its website, and it can easily locate your stolen PC.

Kindly remember that it only works on portable computers such as laptops, notebooks, and tablets.


Till Windows 10, it was not necessary to create a new Microsoft account as older features were completely open once you installed the operating system. But nowadays, it is becoming impossible to use all the features of your operating system because it requires a new Microsoft account.

And in order to upgrade your Windows 10 into Windows 11, you have to use your Microsoft account. That is why we provided a step-by-step guide on how to create a new Microsoft account.

It has countless features such as upgraded windows, Cortana, one drive, App Store, etc. For a seamless experience of your operating system, you should use a Microsoft account.

How to Create a new Microsoft Account using Gmail?

It is very easy to create a new Microsoft account using your old Gmail address. You can use the above-given steps to create a new Microsoft account and add Step four. It will ask you for an email address, and then you can enter your Gmail, and it will proceed to the next step.

Do I need a Hotmail email account to create a new Microsoft account?

No, you do not specifically need a Hotmail or Outlook email account to create a new Microsoft account. You can use your Yahoo mail, Gmail, or any other email address to create a new Microsoft account. But if you want to use a specific email account just for a Microsoft account, you can create a new email account at the time of your registration.

Can I use my phone number to create a new Microsoft account?

Yes, you can use your phone number to create a new Microsoft account. On the official signup page, Microsoft has given an option to use either your email address or phone number. If you are not comfortable sharing your email ID, you can use your phone number, and it will allow you to easily sign in using your password or one-time password.


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