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Honest Flyer With Negative Reviews Goes Viral Making This Restaurant More Popular Than Ever

Honest Flyer With Negative Reviews Goes Viral Making This Restaurant More Popular Than Ever

Negative reviews made the restaurant flyer viral.


  • A restaurant printed flyer with positive and negative reviews.
  • Picture of the flyer was potsed on Reddit.
  • The Reddit post went viral.

Any publicity is good publicity. Guess we saw it coming true for the first time when this restaurant became even more popular after publicising its negative reviews. Foo Hua, a Chinese restaurant in Wanneroo, Perth, posted its flyer online that contained many reviews from customers – both positive and negative. Maybe it was the honesty displayed by the restaurant or the sheer novelty of the marketing idea, it happened to win people’s hearts. The brutally honest flyer is making waves on the internet inspiring other restaurants to imbibe such transparency .

While a customer of the restaurant called it their ‘only go-to restaurant’, another snubbed its food as ‘bland and tasteless’. The interesting flyer with varied comments definitely makes for an amusing read. A picture of the flyers was posted on the Reddit group “mildlyinteresting”.

Take a look –

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Chinese restaurant included negative reviews on their flyer from r/mildlyinteresting

Here are some of the comments that filled up the now-viral flyer.

“I ordered fried rice without prawns but I got a lot of prawns in my rice. I need a refund”


“Food is bland and tasteless, will not order here again”

“Waited for over an hour, where is my food?”

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However, there were quite a few positive reviews too:

“Food arrived early. Very tasty and fresh. Thank you so much. And the delivery boy is cute too,’ they wrote.

“Thank you so much for the nice food. So many Chinese places have let us down but this is the BEST we have ever had.”

Needless to say, the Reddit post with the flyer picture went viral and made it way to the front page of Reddit,  clocking in more than 50,000 upvotes and  about 1.2k comments.


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Comments like these are still flowing in:

“I can appreciate honesty and transparency. I’d at least give it a try to find out for myself”

“They aren’t scared of their haters”
‘Foo Hua does delicious food. It’s my go to Chinese restaurant!’

“Foo Hua News – Fair and Balanced”

“Reminds me of Friends when Joey got bad reviews, but thought they were complimenting him”

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