GD Gang, GD Gang Signs, Gangster Disciples Members and Rappers

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GD Gang | Gangster Disciples

Gangster Disciples Also known as GD, Is an African American gang that operates in both prisons as well as streets. It was founded in 1968 by Larry Hoover in the Southside of Chicago, Illinois.

As per the news reports currently, it is having more than 30,000 active members. And these members are operating in North Eastern, Midwestern, and South-Eastern parts of the United States.

There were two groups one was called Spring Gangsters and the other was called Black Disciples. In the 1960s both of the groups go to unite and called themselves Black Gangsters Disciple Nation. But later BGDN was divided into two different parts one was called gangster disciples and the other one was called black disciples. 

GD Gang Signs | GD Gang Hand Signs | Gangster Disciples Signs

To spot the ally on the streets every gang in America has a few signs and hand signs which is like their identity or affiliation. And here are a few signs which might be associated with the Gangster Disciplines.

GD Gang Wallpaper

Many artists related to Gangster Disciples have created a few Gangster Disciples Wallpapers. Which you can check out below.

GD Gang Tattoos 

Every gang in the world either operates in the United States of America or outside of the US. use a few things so that Members can prove their loyalty towards the gang. and making tattoos on their body is one of the primary things a member can do.

GD Gang Codes | GD Gang Colors

As you know that notorious blood gang wears red color to show their affiliation with the gang and crip gang Use the blue color. where gangster disciples use black and Gray color. to prove their explanation and loyalty to the group.

GD Gang Members

As per the media reports, There are more than 30,000 members in the Gangster Disciples Gang. And Most of them are indulged in illegal activities such as money laundering, homicide, fraud, firearms, assault, drug trafficking, etc.

Lydell sparks, Itavius Jones, Demarco, and Devonate Morris are a few names who recently made it into the news After they were arrested under multiple charges by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Insane Gangster Disciples

Insane gangster disciple is the auxiliary unit of real gangster disciples. The insane gangster disciples Include all the white kids who grew up admiring hip hop and gangs. The gang mostly do drug trafficking and they also include members as young as 15.

Gangster Disciples Rappers

Just like other famous gangs, Gangster disciples also has a few names associated with them in the music industry especially rappers.

Starting from Coach da ghost, billionaire black to Lil Moe the list goes on and on. There are a few names such as Lil JoJo, Lil Mister, and FGB Duck who are no more. And there is a conspiracy theory that they were indulged in gang-related activities.

Gangster Disciples History

The Gangster Disciples were founded in 1965 on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, by Larry Hoover. Larry Hoover was the leader of his own gang called the highest gangsters, while David Barksdale was also the leader of his own gang, the name of the devil. Later, they joined the two gangs in 1969 and they called themselves the GD Gang / Gangster Disciples.

Gangsters disciples are active in 110 cities and in 31 states, mainly in the Middle East and southeast of the United States, and also maintain a significant presence in the US penitentiary system. The gang has between about 50,000 and 90,000 members. Gangsters disciples for the first time in significant numbers in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1980s, originated the first gang on the modern street to do so.

In January 2021, seven alleged members of gangster disciples were accused, including the national and state leaders of the gang on extortion, murder in the helping extortion, attempted murder to help racing, and weapons.


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