Freedom Convoy shuts down busy border crossing

The truckers finished a week-long drive across Canada in the capital, Ottawa. Pic: AP

Truckers are pictured in Canada’s capital protesting COVID-related mandates and restrictions. (AP Photo)

UPDATED 11:26 AM PT – Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Freedom Convoy of truckers shuts down one of North America’s busiest international border crossings. Traffic headed into the U.S. on the ambassador bridge was reopened Tuesday while traffic into Canada remained halted.

On Monday, Canadian truckers shut down the bridge, which spans across the Detroit River from Michigan into Windsor. For a time, traffic going both directions was blocked from crossing, in turn, causing a massive traffic jam in Detroit.

While the bridge remains partially closed, authorities are suggesting truckers take the Windsor-Detroit tunnel. Meanwhile, business leaders say the delays could worsen the supply chain crisis for both countries.

One America’s Tom McGrath has more on attempts by Canadian authorities to dismantle the mostly peaceful protests against COVID-related mandates.

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