Fort Portal Lakes – Crater Lakes, Tourism Guide

Fort portal lakes – Earth is a big place. And tourism is not just limited to a handful of European and other developed countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

If you are a person who does not like tall concrete buildings and wants to enjoy the true beauty of nature, then go to Africa. There are many beautiful and budget-friendly countries in Africa where you can enjoy your stay as long as possible.

One of the beautiful countries of Africa is Uganda. It is situated in the southeastern side of Africa, and Uganda shares its political boundaries with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the western region of Uganda, you will find a great place known as Fort portal and its magnificent collection of lakes. Some of these lakes are more than 400 meters deep.

Things to do nearby Fort portal lakes

If you are visiting Fort portal lakes, then it is very important for you to know about all the activities you can do around it. 

Swimming in nature

All the tourists who visit Fort portal lakes are advertised to take a swim in the lakes. Even though these lakes are their own volcanoes, these volcanoes lie dormant, and now we get great places for swimming.

Most of these lakes are completely safe for swimming and nature trails. However, you should be cheerful about living creatures within and around Fort portal lakes.


Camping is one of the cheapest accommodation options available in the area. Not just the area, but camping is a near-free option in the whole world. 

Usually, travelers camp around lake Nyamugasani as it is one of the most beautiful nature reserves, which has contributed to the progress of natives in the community. 


If you want to experience a new type of walking, then I will suggest you go to the Fort portal lake area and just walk. It is a rural healing area with many lakes.

Usually, you won’t find colorful birds, Smell of soil while you are traveling in a metropolitan city, but in the area of Fort portal lakes, you will find these things very easily.

Kibale National park

I am sure if you are in Uganda and the Fort portal lake area, you are not a fan of tall concrete buildings, and you want to enjoy nature. In the Fort portal area, you should visit Kibale National park.

The National Park has so many scenic places where you can enjoy true nature. The whole park is 766 square kilometers in size and ranges between 1100 meters to 1600 meters.

Amabere Caves

Just a few kilometers from the West of Port Portal City, you will find an amazing view of Amabere Caves. These caves are located at Nyakasura Falls, Which is just 9 kilometers from the town. Even though these caves are not deep, it attracts many tourists.

Affordable Accommodations Nearby Fort Portal Lakes

Let’s take a look at all the accommodation options available nearby Fort portal lakes. Usually, tourists take a vehicle to visit nearby lakes and later come back to the town, but there are many options available where you can stay and enjoy the nature around here.

Papaya lake Lodge

Far from the noises of the city, a lake lodge is one of the best options where you can enjoy both luxury and nature at the same time. The accommodation is located nearby the dura river and lake lyantonde.

The lodge is open year-round, and you can check-in at 1:00 PM on the day of your arrival, and you have to check out at 11:00 AM. The lodge has all the basic amenities, including a bar, swimming pool, massage area, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi.

Address: P.O.Box 828 Fort Portal, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 793 388277

Ndali Lodge

Nearby Papaya lake is another affordable option of accommodation named Ndali lodge. Ndali Lodge is located on the edge of Lake Nyinambuga. Older rooms of the lodge have a great view of the lake.

All the rooms are non-smoking rooms, and you get all the basic amenities, including free Internet, complimentary breakfast, mosquito net, amazing pool with a view, and restaurant.

Address: Crater Lakes, Fort Portal, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 483 422636

Rweteera Safari Park Hotel

Rweteera Safari Park hotel is also a great accommodation option nearby Ford portal lakes. The hotel is situated in front of Lake Nyabikere.

Unlike any other lake-facing hotel, it is located nearby the National Highway, which connects four portals to Mbarara. The hotel has small Hut-shaped rooms where you can enjoy the natural beauty of lakes.

 Apart from that, you will also get all the basic amenities as it is a three-star hotel such as fully furnished rooms, free Wi-Fi, free parking, complimentary breakfast, Mosquito net.

Address: Lake Nyabikere Kamwenge road, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 776 862153

Isunga Lodge

Little away from the lakes of Ford portal, Isunga Lodge is situated on a higher elevation with a great view of nearby mountains. After spending a little time near the lakes, you should visit the lodge and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenes from the hilltop.

The lodge is situated on the border of Kibale National park. It provides all the basic amenities with its rooms, such as fully furnished rooms, complimentary breakfast, restaurant, sundeck, and terrace.

Address: Kibale National Park, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 774 181966

Restaurants nearby Fort portal lakes

After accommodations, let’s take a look at all the restaurant options available nearby Fort portal lakes. Apart from your hotel, you can also try these restaurants as they are famous for their food, not accommodation services.

Garden restaurants

Garden restaurants is one of the best restaurants in the Fort portal area. It has one of the highest ratings on all search engines. Usually, they have an active buffet year around.

The restaurant is nearby all famous accommodation services in the town such as Ndali lodge, port motel and mountains of the moon hotel.

As the restaurant is located in Africa, most of the dishes are going to be African, but there are a few American and Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta.

Address: Kabundaire Rd, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 483 422090

Africana Pork Joint

As its name suggests, Africana Pork Joint restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in the Fort portal lakes area, which is famous for its pork.

Apart from the pork, you can also enjoy other food items, including African and American dishes. You will get one of the best atmospheres with beers in the restaurant. Usually, the restaurant is open 24 hours.

Address: Fortportal-Kasese Rd, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 705 120667

Delhi Garden Restaurant & Hotel

If you are a fan of Indian food and you want to enjoy it even on your trip to Fort Portal Lakes area, then you should visit Delhi Garden Restaurant & Hotel. It is the best Indian restaurant in the town.

Apart from the restaurant, you can also enjoy an affordable stay with good facilities.

Address: Government Road, Fort Portal, Uganda

Phone: +256 752 857074

Weather conditions around Fort Portal Lakes

After accommodation and restaurant options, now let’s take a look at weather conditions around fourth quarter lakes and Uganda. You should understand the weather conditions before you make any trip to Fort hotel and the lakes around it.

Uganda is not a big country, so you will not find major changes in the weather in the whole country at the same time. Apart from that, Uganda has little year around fluctuation in temperature.

The country has only two seasons; the first is the dry season, and the other one is the wet season. The country saw most of the rainfall in March, April, and May. Usually, expert travelers will suggest you avoid these months as traveling is way hard during the wet season.

Most of the expert travelers will suggest you visit the port bottle lakes during June, July, and August.


The world is full of beautiful places. Tourism does not end in Europe and a few handfuls of developed countries. Apart from tall concrete and steel buildings, there is a lot to see in the world, including Africa.

Fort portal lakes in Uganda are a great example of nature Tourism. These are a collection of lakes located nearby Fort portal town in Uganda. It attracts thousands of travelers each year.

The area is full of natural activities, including swimming, camping, Caves, and National parks. Before you make any plan to visit these beautiful lakes, you should know about all the affordable accommodation options nearby Fort portal lakes. 

In our piece of writing, apart from these affordable accommodations near Fort portal lakes, we have also listed down a few restaurants so that you can enjoy your meals in nature.

Which is the best restaurant nearby Fort Portal lakes?

As per the travelers garden restaurants and Delhi garden restaurant and hotel are a few of the best restaurants nearby Fort Porter lakes area. Apart from that, Africana pork joint and top of the world are a few good options.


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