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Father I Don’t Want to get Married

Father I Don’t Want to get Married

First K-POP then Korean Drama and now Manhwa is gaining the love of the Art lovers not just in South Korea but also in the whole world. In that chain Father I Don’t Want to Get Married is one of the biggest reasons for the love and support. Is there any youth in the world who don’t know about BTS? We all love Korean art and music. And Manhwa (a general term related to South Korean comics) is the next in line to get as much love and support as other arts of Korea gets.

Father I Don't Want to get Married

About Father I Don’t Want to get Married

Don’t think That “Father I Don’t Want to get Married ” is another Korean love story or romance story. It is a different Genre than any other Asian or Western love, action or adventure Comic. Father I Don’t Want to get Married is written by one of the amazing writers named Hong Hee Sou. Who tried to create a different taste than even before. The story is set in perfect balance between Fantasy, Romance, Drama which is further increased by reincarnation and historical mystery.

Summary of Father I Don’t Want to get Married

Jubelian Eloy Floyen, lead of the comic, was doomed to die in the story but she somehow avoided death and was reincarnated as a villainess In a novel she had read before. Her father decided to marry her to the crown Prince but she refused to do that. Because she was afraid of him he heard that he would kill people just because they don’t obey him right away.

Other than that she told the desire to live a glorious and wonderful life. A few days after that the Crown Prince, whom Jubellian’s father decided to marry jubellian send a letter written don’t worry I won’t kill you. Now what she thinks about that that and how she feels, how will story go on?

Important characters of Father I don’t want to get Married

As you know, the theme of the comic is quite different from the comics we read from the western countries. Many Manhwa focus on Martial Art, Romance, Action and Reincarnation etc. So it’s very important to have knowledge about characters in order to understand the comic.

  • The Lead of the comic Father I don’t want to get married, Jubelian Eloy Floyen is a Young and beautiful girl who has blue eyes. She is reborn as a villainess after her death in her previous life. She has all of her memories from her past life. She is now a part of the comic she read in her previous life. She knows that she is going to marry the crown Prince and he will kill her. So in order to avoid that she is following a guy named Mikahil.
  • Mikhail is the second lead of the comic Father I don’t want to get married. He is a knight in the Army of Jubellian’s father the Duke of Floyen. Even though he is very different from Jubellian who is very chatty and always follows him. He maintains a calm and strong personality throughout the story. He is afraid of the father of Jubellian and doesn’t want him to know about the relationship between both of them.
  • The Duke of Floyen is the father of Jubellian. He is a single father and the strongest swordsman of the Army. He is responsible for the last 20 years of winning wars for the King. Even though he is a great warrior or swordsman for Jubellian he is a very and Distant person. He wants Jubellian to marry the crown prince but he doesn’t know that the Crown prince is the responsible person for the death of her daughter in the original novel.
  • Marilyn is the Personal maid of Jubellian. Even though his father has many maids in his mansion, Marilyn is the senior of all, and she knows how to handle the tantrums of Jubellian. Marilyn understands that Jubellian is not a regular child. She is a distant and moody person because she couldn’t get any love from her mother.

How to get a Free PDF of Father I don’t want to get married?

In order to get a free PDF of Father I don’t want to get married, kindly use the button given below and download it for Free. The story is about a Girl named Jubellian who is reborn in a Novel and she had read this novel in her previous life and knew that she was going to be killed by her husband who is cruel and Crown Price. She has all the memories of her previous life.

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