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Eco-Friendly Eating: Unique Initiative Offers Free Meals In Lieu Of Plastic Waste

Eco-Friendly Eating: Unique Initiative Offers Free Meals In Lieu Of Plastic Waste

This unique initiative aims to tackle plastic waste in the country’s capital city.


  • The concept of ‘Garbage Cafe’ has gained popularity across the country
  • It involves exchanging plastic waste for free meals
  • The SDMC has inaugurated 23 more such cafes

‘Garbage cafe’ is a concept which has gained momentum across the country in the past year. Several municipalities in Gujarat and Chhatisgarh have begun implementing this idea of exchanging plastic waste for free meals. In February 2020, we saw the opening of Delhi’s first Garbage cafe in Dwarka’s Vardhman mall. And now, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has taken the movement a step forward. The corporation has inaugurated 23 new Garbage cafes across the city in a bid to reduce the plastic waste, and maintain effective treatment of it. The campaign was launched on 23rd January 2021 in Delhi’s Najafgarh zone.

‘Intensifying the unique initiative ‘Plastic Lao Khana Khao’, 23 more ‘Garbage Cafes’ were opened in South, Central and West zones,’ the SDMC said in a statement. Mayor Anamika inaugurated a cafe at Nathu Sweets located in Defence Colony, it said.

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The idea is to deposit at least one kilogram of plastic waste to the garbage cafes – which are essentially Delhi restaurants partnering with South Delhi’s civic body for this venture. This would give a free coupon to the depositor for breakfast, lunch or dinner to be redeemed at one of 23 locations across the city. Twelve such cafes have opened in South Zone, 10 in Central Zone while one cafe has been opened in West Zone, officials said. Plastic waste includes empty water bottles, plastic canes etc.


This initiative is likely to motivate citizens of Delhi to come forward to reduce the city’s plastic waste and get rewarded for the same in the form of free meals. This successful model can then be replicated at a grander level to make Delhi a plastic-free city.

What are your thoughts about these unique ‘Garbage cafes’ in the country’s capital city? Tell us in the comments below!

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