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Don’t Throw Away Lemon Peels! Try Reddit User’s Handy Cooking Trick

Don’t Throw Away Lemon Peels! Try Reddit User’s Handy Cooking Trick

This easy hack will change the way you think about lemon peels.


  • Lemons are an essential ingredient in the kitchen while cooking
  • The peels of this zesty vegetable can be used to make lemon water
  • Reddit user suggested how to prepare lemon water using lemon peel

Imagine that you have guests over for dinner. Everything has been planned in advance – right from the starters to the dessert. While whipping up the dishes, you realise that the ingredients you purchased may not be adequate in quantity. What would you do? No need to panic, as this simple cooking hack has got you covered. In a viral post on Reddit, a user explained how they didn’t have enough lemons to make lemonade. The nearby store was closed as well, which is when the user’s partner came up with an interesting solution. Take a look at the post here:

Lemon Water from Lemon Peels! from r/EatCheapAndHealthy

The post was shared in the sub-Reddit r/EatCheapAndHealthy, and it went viral garnering more than 1.4k upvotes and counting. The user explained how boiling lemon peels gave them tangy, yellow-coloured water which tasted and smelt exactly like lemons. This helped the duo make the required lemonade with the existing lemons itself, without the need for any extra ingredients. What a wonderful idea, right? The user elaborated on the exact process, “Just boiled them for five minutes and I ended up with yellow water that smelled/tasted of lemons. I know it’s pretty common sense but I thought it was amazing and a really great way to use lemon peels.” This lemon water can also be used for its multiple health benefits, such as managing digestive issues and building immunity.


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Lemon peel has multiple health benefits too. 


The Reddit thread went viral and several users poured in their comments in the discussion. “I thought it would be bitter like lemon peel is if you eat it. I always feel wasteful throwing out the peels,” admitted one user. Another also shared how lemon zest made by a grating lemon peel is a common ingredient used in the preparation of many dishes. “People use “zest” in recipes, which is just finely-grated peel,” explained the user.

So, next time you use lemons, think twice before you chuck the peels in the bin. Did you know about this cooking hack already or was it something new? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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