Crips Gang: Crips Gang Signs, Crips Gang Hand Signs

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Crips gang Is also one of the oldest Gang active in the United States of America as per the activation or official record it is more than 50 years old, Which was founded in 1969.

About the Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams in Los Angeles CA. Unlike any other gang, Crips is a set of alliances between multiple St gangs operating in Southern California.

Opposite to the blood gangs, its members wear Blue clothing to differentiate themselves from any other gang.

Crips Gang Signs | Crips Gang Hand Signs

As you know, every gang in America has a few signs and hand signs which are like their identity or affiliation. And here are a few signs which might be associated with the Crips gang.

Crips Gang Wallpaper 

Many artists or admirers related to Crips Gang have created a few Crips Gang Wallpapers. Which you can check out below. 

Crips Gang Tattoos

Not just a gang operating in the United States of America but in the whole world use a few signs or colors so they can spot the fellow member on the streets. And they use tattoos to prove the escalation and loyalty towards the gang.

Crips Gang Colors

As we talk about previously, the Crips gang is known to wear blue color clothing to differentiate themselves on the streets. As red is the gang color of blood gang blue is the gang color of the crips gang. Because members want an easy thing so they can spot the enemy and fellow members on the streets. Wearing the same color also shows loyalty towards the gang.

Williams said the blue strap was first worn by Buddha, one of the founders of Crips, as part of Levi’s blue matching dress, blue shirt, and dark blue pendants. After the Buddha was shot on February 23, 1973, a blue bandana was worn in honor of the Buddha. Then the color was combined with cancer

Crips Gang Members

Crips gang is one of the most notorious gangs in the United States. it has more than 35,000 members in 800 sets. with its huge number of members, the Gang is currently active in 221 cities of the United States of America and 41 states.

Not just in the United States of America but they are also active in Montreal and Toronto cities of Canada. which makes them an internationally operating gang.

They are not just St gangs but many of their gang members have served in the armed forces of the United States of America. 

Crips Gang Rappers

The crips gang is also known to have a few famous celebrities including rappers. who has publicly announced that either there associated with it or they were part of the gang.

And one of the most famous rappers on the list is Snoop Dogg. he has multiple times mentioned that he was associated with the gang in a few of his tracks. Even though some gang leaders have criticized him for not doing enough for the local youth associated with the gang.

Tongan Crips Gang

Tongon is also an associated gang of Crips. Even though they were founded in California knighted states but currently, they are operating in more than five countries including the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Pacific islands.

It is a group of members mostly related to Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji, But they also have a small percentage of African American, white Australian, and New Zealand youth.

Rollin 60 Crips Gang Sign

Rollin 60 is One of the largest gang operating in the Los Angeles area with more than 1600 people. As for the many news reports rolling 60 is the largest black street gang operating in the city of Los Angeles. 

They are well known for killing four members of a professional football player named Kermit Alexander. As we told you before that Crips is not just one gang. But an alliance of multiple gangs

Blood Gang History

In 1978, there were 45 Clips groups called Sets in Los Angeles. They were deeply involved in the production of PCP, marijuana and amphetamines. Williams, a member of Westside Clips, was arrested for four murders on March 11, 1979, and Washington was shot dead on August 9, 1979. Washington opposed the Battle of Clips, and after his death several groups of Clips began fighting each other.

Crips leadership was dismantled, a deadly gang war broke out between Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips and Eight Tray Gangster Crips, a nearby Crips group chose the side, and Neighborhood Crips joined Gangster Crips. -A mild war in the South. Central and other cities. East Coast Clips and Hoover Clips (in East Los Angeles) broke the alliance shortly after Washington’s death.

In 1980, Crips was at war with Bloods and confused with each other. Gang growth and influence increased significantly in the early 1980s, when cracks struck the streets and clip groups began distributing drugs. Huge profits have led many Clips to establish new markets in other cities and states. As a result, Clips membership has grown steadily, making street gangs one of the largest gangs in the country in the late 1980s. [26] [27] In 1999, there were at least 600 clip teams, with more than 30,000 members transporting drugs. United States of America.


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