COVID Test Kit – Buy Now – March 2022

COVID test kit – Sudden infection of a virus named coronavirus in December 2019 shook the whole world as well as one of the most powerful countries in the world, the United States of America. The whole world saw the deadly effects of the virus, and it keeps coming back in waves. Till now, we have learned that we do not need to worry about it, but we should have precautions and regular tests.

 The federal government of the United States of America and CDC, in association with different pharma companies and independent clinics, are doing COVID tests free of cost. For our safety, many people are looking for a COVID test kit to test themselves at home. That is what today we are going to talk about.

What is the COVID test kit?

The COVID test kit is known or commonly referred to as home tests and over-the-counter OTC tests. This type of test can be taken at your home, and within a few minutes, you get results. Even though this type of test is not 100% accurate or as accurate as PCR, home test kits can also detect viruses at a very high success percentage. 

COVID Test Kit
COVID Test Kit

How to buy a COVID test kit?

COVID test kits are very easy to buy these days. Many big pharma companies manufacture these home kits, and you can buy them from local drugstores at a very reasonable price also. Let’s take a look at a few big names who sell COVID test kits.

COVID test kit at Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retail store chains in the United States of America. They have a presence in all 50 states of the US. Home Covid test kits are available at every Walmart store at very affordable pricing, where you can get 2 COVID test kits for $18.

Walmart has an official website also where you can easily purchase home COVID test kits also. On the website, you will find a number of options and select the one depending on your preference. BinaxNOW by Abbott is also available on the digital platform.

In partnership with Quest Diagnostics, Walmart also has an option to get tested at any of their stores by making an appointment earlier. This option won’t cost you a penny, and the tests are more reliable.

COVID test kits at Walgreens

One of the biggest pharmacy chains in the United States of America, Walgreens, is also offering COVID test kits at all of their pharmacies and drug stores. You can easily go to the store and buy your own COVID test kid, starting at just 9.99 dollars. 

Walgreens also sells home COVID test kits on their official website. You can visit Walgreens and buy it digitally also. To ensure the safety of the customer, they also have no contact delivery system.

If you are not a fan of home COVID test kits, you can also visit Walgreens and get tested there without any cost but make sure to make an appointment before visiting unannounced. 

COVID test kits at CVS

CVS is also one of the most popular and recognized names. As per their official website, CVS is offering COVID-19 tests for free of cost at nearly 10,000 CVS pharmacy locations. Till August 2021, the company has administered 29 million COVID tests and 30 million COVID vaccine doses.

Home COVID test kits are available at each CVS pharmacy location. You can buy the test kit from any pharmacy during pharmacy hours, depending on the location. They are usually open from 10 AM – 6 PM.

If you do not want to visit any CVS pharmacy and still want to get a home COVID test kit, you can use their official website and order at your place. At their pharmacy store and while delivering via mail, CVS pharmacy makes sure that you have no contact delivery. The person assisting you is following all the norms and guidelines released by CDC.

COVID test kit at Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online sellers, and many distributors are using Amazon to provide home COVID test kits at very affordable pricing. You don’t have to worry about the test kits’ authenticity because all of these test kits are either sold by a legitimate distributor or by the company itself using an Amazon seller.

Official Websites

Many of these COVID test kit makers also sell these test kits on their own official websites. You can buy it directly using their official website. ON/GO is one of the prime examples. The company has a website where they sell their COVID test kits. As a responsible member of society, we will suggest you buy from an authentic source. You never know when you get counterfeit. 

Final thoughts

Over-the-counter COVID test kits, commonly known as home COVID test kits, are among the easiest and all-time available tests to detect the infection. The tests are highly accurate, and you can get them at a nearby store. 

We will advise you to keep testing yourself every week for the virus even if you do not have any symptoms whatsoever. There have been many cases reported by the health department where an infected person did not even have one symptom at all. 

How much does a home COVID test kit cost?

Home COVID test kits are very cheap. You can buy them at any Walmart store, CVS pharmacy store, Walgreens, or another drugstore. These tests are highly accurate, and the government has passed a resolution and asked Insurance providers to give 8 COVID test kits to every health insurance holder.

How long does it take to deliver results after taking the COVID test kit at home?

At home, COVID test kits are very fast to provide results. Even though they are cheaper than a regular COVID test and their accuracy is not up to a point, they can deliver results within 15 to 30 minutes. You can get a COVID test kit at home at any local drugstore or Walmart.

Will my insurance provider pay for home COVID test kits?

Home COVID test kits or over-the-counter COVID test kits Are not very expensive, but the government advises us to take these tests on a regular basis. Taking these kids on a regular basis is not a normal thing for an average American. That is why the Biden administration announced the new details regarding it on 10th January 2022.

As per the new policy, your health insurance provider is liable to provide a free COVID test kit per month. Always make sure that you are buying a counter COVID test kit that is either authorized, cleared, or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to get it covered under your health insurance.

What if I come positive using a home COVID test kit?

First of all, you do not have to panic even if you come positive using a home COVID test kit. You can take one more test to be 100% sure that you have been infected. After that, you can report the test results to the Washington state Department of Health. Other than that, to ensure the safety of your family and friends, you can alert them that you have been positive and they should get tested also. You should isolate yourself for five days and continue wearing a mask.

Are home COVID test kits reliable?

As per the reports published by CDC and the health department, COVID test kits have an accuracy of 85% which means it is going to capture correctly 85 times out of 100 tests. Remember, even though these kits are highly accurate when it comes to statistics, their results are not valid for international travel to shorten the quarantine. In those cases, You will have to take a regular PCR test.

Can I use a home COVID test to travel internationally?

No, you cannot use a home COVID test kit to travel internationally. These types of tests are meant to Clear your perspective and help you focus on your work rather than worrying about an ongoing virus.
Other than that, you can also use it before any family gathering or holiday function. Whenever you feel like you have any symptoms of the virus, you can easily take this test and be sure that you haven’t been infected with the virus.


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