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BELLE RADICI WINE – Full Buying Guide

The Back story of Bella Twins:

BELLE RADICI means “beautiful” IN ITALIAN. While the name was first mentioned by Nikki belle in 2017, They spilled the wine beans on E! News by accident and thus BELLE RADICI WINE “That there’s the launch of Birdie Bee and Belle Radici”.

And after the wait of 3 long years, it finally came in shelves.

The Bella sister’s(Nikki and brie Bella) Show “TOTAL BELLAS “ is absolutely loved and adored among the audience, when they announced the wine name back in time, the fans have been eagerly waiting for it since then.

Nikki and Brie Bella are experiencing twin magic once more as they celebrate another life milestone together. The 36-year-old former WWE superstars have declared that they will be shifting their entire families to Napa Valley, California’s wine area.

The entire wine collection is based on Nikki and Brie Bella’s “agricultural youth,” They also have a professional team in charge of the brand, making sure only the highest quality that “celebrates our common love of the land,” according to the wine’s website. Bottles of Belle Radici are easily found at Total Wine Stores in Pleasant Hill and Redondo Beach, California. You can also grab a bottle of belle redici wine from Total Wine’s website. A red blend and a cabernet sauvignon are in the stock now.

What Belle Radici is made of:

Talking about all the excitement behind the wine launch, let me take you down to the richness and ingredients of “belle Radici”:

  • Winery: belle radiciGrapes: cabernet sauvignon
  • Wine style: Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon
  • Alcohol: 16% alcohol
  • Blend: Red blend.

That’s all the technicality we are going to talk about the wine in this article.


The Bella sisters have selected a price range that is just right keeping in mind the richness and luxury and quality of wine they are providing.

Currently, they offer a red blend ($44.99) and a cabernet sauvignon ($35.99).

Belle Radici’s prices are pretty genuine keeping in mind its quality. Its full-bodied and have the goodness of blackberry, vanilla and sage notes. Simply put, It’s worth every single penny you spend on it.

Your where to Buy guide for Belle Radici Wine

If you are looking forward to buying the bottle of “BELLE RADICI WINE”, here is where you should look for it.


Bottles of BELLE RADICI WINE are available at Total Wine Stores in Pleasant Hill and Redondo Beach, California. They are also available in the stores of the United States, California, North Coast, Napa country, Napa Valley.


The bottles are also available for purchase on Total Wine’s website. A red blend ($44.99) and a cabernet sauvignon ($35.99) are now READY TO GRAB.

If you order right now, you will be watching the next episode of Total Bellas with your potential favorite wine brand. Doesn’t that sounds great?


Even after all the buzz behind this BELLE RADICI WINE and its better if you are still second-guessing to make an order, here I’m to help you with some reviews from the people who have had a wonderful experience.

Here’s is what you need to know;

  • Belle radici Facebook rating: 5 stars
  • Not only that belle Radici has been slaying on review and appreciations for its rich taste:
  • If I share a couple of reviews with you this is how it goes;
  • gave 5/5 reviews to belle Radici, in their “UNCORKED: CELEBRITY WINE REVIEW” .
  • gives a perfect 91% critic score to belle radici wine. 

(According to the reviews on the website buy its buyers and consumers)


The Red wine you have been looking for.


Is It Something worth buying Again? I would say yes, yes I can see myself buying this bottle at least once a month for me. This Napa wine is just wonderful, and these ladies completely outdid themselves with this one!

Grab yourself a bottle of BELLE RADICI WINE and hope on to that favourite show of yours to make your this weekend count.

A tip: It’s perfect with grilled meats, cheese, and great to drink alone as well.

Have you ever had a chance to try some celebrity-endorsed wines? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below!

Shilpa Shetty Celebrates Sister Shamita’s Birthday With This Beautiful, Fruity Cake (See Pics)

Shilpa Shetty Celebrates Sister Shamita’s Birthday With This Beautiful, Fruity Cake (See Pics)

Shilpa took to Instagram stories to share a video from Shamita’s birthday celebration.


  • Shamita Shetty is celebrating her birthday today
  • Shilpa celebrated sister Shamita’s birthday at midnight
  • Shilpa got her a beautiful cake full of fruits

Shamita Shetty is celebrating her birthday today and sister Shilpa Shetty made sure to make it a memorable one for her. Two of the fittest actors in the industry, the Shetty sisters are an inspiration to many when it comes to diet and fitness. Their workout videos on Instagram are proof to that! But what amazes us is how effortlessly both of them also satiate the foodie inside. We all know Shilpa is a self-confessed foodie and occasionally binge on her favourite dishes. And sister Shamita’s birthday was the perfect occasion to do the same. Shilpa, along with a few friends, celebrated Shamita Shetty’s birthday at midnight by getting a beautiful cake for her.

Shilpa took to Instagram stories to share the video of Shamita making a wish and cutting the cake. Have a look at some snippets here:


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Doesn’t the cake look absolutely delicious with a topping of fresh fruits, including strawberries and grapes?! Shetty sisters known how to balance healthy with tasty, and this fruity, fresh and delicious cake comes as no surprise.

Shamita Shetty turns 42 today. On the work front, she has done a show called ‘Black Widows’ for an OTT platform. On the other hand, Shilpa Shetty Kundra just wrapped up the shoot of Hungama 2.

About Aanchal MathurAanchal doesn’t share food. A cake in her vicinity is sure to disappear in a record time of 10 seconds. Besides loading up on sugar, she loves bingeing on FRIENDS with a plate of momos. Most likely to find her soulmate on a food app.

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Latest Viral Hack Of Cracking Eggs Without Breaking Yolk Amuses The Internet

The hack of cracking eggs directly on the pan went viral.


  • A hack of cracking egg direcltly on pan went viral on social media.
  • Drop the egg on the pan and the yolk will come out clean.
  • Watch the hack video here and let us know if you’ll try it too.

You may credit the internet for making your life much easier in the kitchen with the recent wave of several amazing cooking hacks doing the rounds. We found quicker ways of peeling fruits and veggies, we discovered simpler methods of cooking some foods faster, and now a new hack of cracking eggs has caught everyone’s fancy. There have already been a few egg cracking hacks on the internet, and some of them actually work, but this new hack of cracking egg directly on the pan is quite amusing. In just one step, you get egg with yolk in the pan, without any shells!

According to this hack, you crack the egg directly on the pan by simply dropping it in the middle. The egg cracks open from one end, and you slowly take off the shell, leaving the egg white and yolk intact on the pan. This latest hack of cracking eggs is making waves on social media, with many people trying it out. Radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson also tried it and posted a video of the same on her Instagram account. 

Take a look:

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The video starts with another user cracking the egg on the pan and saying, “Apparently if you drop an egg into a pan it cracks perfectly.” Jackie goes ahead and drops her egg on the pan, and voila, it cracks and the egg yolk comes out clean on the pan!

This unique hack looks interesting but garnered mixed reactions from other users. Some users just made fun of this unusual way of cracking eggs:

“What’s wrong with cracking on the side of the pan?”

“Really? I bet this doesn’t happen for me haha”

“And to think I’ve been cracking eggs like a bloody peasant this whole time. Gravity is gonna be my peasant from now on.”

“Apparently if you drop an egg anywhere, it cracks. For scrambled eggs, drop it higher. You are welcome.”


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There were some people who were impressed with this technique:

“Never thought of this. Will try next time.”

“That’s pretty cool!”

And there were some users who had their own apprehensions:

“What happens when you want to crack this on a pan on oil tho??”

“What happens if the pan is hot”

About Neha GroverLove for reading roused her writing instincts. Neha is guilty of having a deep-set fixation with anything caffeinated. When she is not pouring out her nest of thoughts onto the screen, you can see her reading while sipping on coffee.

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Jahnvi Kapoor’s ‘Before And After Pasta’ Pic Will Leave You In Splits

Jahnvi Kapoor’s ‘Before And After Pasta’ Pic Will Leave You In Splits

Janhvi Kapoor was last seen in ‘Gunjan Saxena-The Kargil Girl’


  • Janhvi Kapoor was last seen in ‘Gunjan Saxena-The Kargil Girl’
  • Janhvi Kapoor debuted in the industry with ‘Dhadak’ in 2018
  • Janhvi Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie

Much like other members of her family, Janhvi Kapoor has never shied away from showing her foodie side on social media. Even in her interviews, Janhvi loves to talk about food, and everything new she has tried on her travels and shoots. On Monday evening, Janhvi decided to take a hilarious dig on herself. She shared a picture of her chomping on her plate of white sauce spaghetti, while getting her hair and makeup done. She followed it up with a picture of her struggling to fit into a dress due to all the carbo-load earlier. “Before and after”, she captioned the image. 

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Since Janhvi is one of the fittest actors of this generation of Bollywood, it is hard to believe that she can have trouble fitting into any dress in this world, but it is sure a delight to see an actress who knows how to indulge and not take herself so seriously while at it. 

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Janhvi Kapoor’s was last seen in ‘Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl’ where she portrayed the role of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena, who played a pivotal role in the Kargil role. Despite the controversies surrounding the film, Janhvi’s performance was overall well-received by the critics. Janhvi has also been signed as the lead in ‘Dostana 2’ where she would be sharing screen space with Kartik Aaryan for the first time. The Dharma production may release next year. Janhvi was shooting for ‘Good Luck Jerry’ in Patiala, when her shooting was briefly disrupted by protesting farmers.

About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

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Dim-er Kosha Recipe: A Comforting Egg Curry Inspired From Bengali Chicken Kosha


  • Egg curry is loved by every person across India.
  • Egg curry sees different variations in different states.
  • Bengali egg curry (or dim-er kosha) can be paired with rice, roti etc.

The importance and popularity of eggs in our daily life needs no introduction. Egg is like that friend in your life whom you can rely upon at any given situation. Be it for breakfast or on a busy day or may be to welcome some sudden guests in the house – all you need is an egg or two to whip up a perfect dish for every situation in life. This staple food ingredient is credited for an extensive range of both healthy and decadent recipes. And the most common of them all is an egg curry.

A humble bowl of egg curry helps you put together a delicious and fulfilling meal in very less time. And the best part is you can pair it with anything you want – rice, roti, paratha, dosa, appam, pulao, fried rice and more. In fact, it is one common dish available in every food culture. And if you explore, you will find every cuisine has different variations of the same dish.

In Bengal, egg curry is referred to as dim-er kosha. Inspired from the iconic chicken or mutton kosha, this version is ideal for every person who likes egg in their diet. It is rich, luscious and includes a pool of spices that add flavours to the dish.


We found an easy dim-er kosha recipe that can satisfy your taste buds in no time. This delicious recipe has been shared by vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel ‘The Saree Chef’.

How To Make Dim-er Kosha: Bengali-Style Egg Curry Recipe:

Step 1. Add turmeric powder and salt to boiled eggs and fry the eggs in mustard oil. Keep aside.

Step 2. Heat some more oil and ghee in the pan and add a masala paste made with tomato, ginger, garlic, onion and green chillies. Give it a good mix.

Step 3. Now, add the powdered masalas to it – turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder. Mix everything well and add a little water so that the masala doesn’t burn.

Step 4. Add some tomato puree, some chopped green chillies, salt and little sugar. Mix and add the eggs to the pan.

Step 5. Add some water and boil for a while.

Step 6. Top the dish with some ghee, garam masala powder, and fried onions (birista).


And a spicy bowl of Bengali-style egg kosha is ready to be indulged.

Watch: Here’s Step-By-Step Recipe Video (With Ingredients And Quantity) For Bengali-style Egg Kosha:

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About Somdatta SahaExplorer- this is what Somdatta likes to call herself. Be it in terms of food, people or places, all she craves for is to know the unknown. A simple aglio olio pasta or daal-chawal and a good movie can make her day.

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6 Easy North Indian Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings 


  • North Indian cuisine is packed with a range of snacks
  • Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day
  • Breakfast may seem to be a cumbersome affair

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but those who have to put it together every day while keeping in mind the time crunch know the real struggle. Thinking of new ideas, preparing the ingredients and finally cooking it, breakfast do take a chunk of your time right at the start of the day, prompting many of us to skip it altogether. Skipping breakfast has been linked to weight-gain and fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there are many of our classic dishes that are not that cumbersome to cook. Here are some easy North Indian breakfast recipes that spell indulgence each time without making you sweat all day.  

Try These 6 Easy North Indian Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings

1. Sooji Besan Cheela

Cheela is a savoury pancake like dish that could be made with a combination of batters. This cheela comes with goodness of besan and sooji. Sooji or rava lends a delicious crispness to the cheela. This super quick recipe is so delicious, that you would be making it again and again. Here’s a fabulous recipe you have been looking for.  


Cheela is a thin, crepe like dish


2. Palak Puri

Puffy, crispy and green, these palak puris are popular across North India is parts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. A hit among both kids and grown-ups alike, these puris can make spinach desirable for kids. You can pair these rich puris with just a bowl of curd or pickle and you are good to go. Click here for the recipe.  

3. Gobhi Paratha

Breakfast with parathas? Can’t happen, won’t happen! From aloo, gobhi, paneer to chicken, is there anything we haven’t tried stuffing in our parathas. Some of us have even tried quirky fillings like avocado and chocolate! This gobhi paratha is a classic North Indian recipe that is ideal for those looking for something feisty. Click here for the recipe.  


Gobhi paratha is one of the most classic breakfasts of India

4. Masala Anda Bhurji

Botched up your scrambled eggs? No Problem. Toss up your eggs with some freshly chopped veggies, green chillies and herbs. Pair this scintillating side dish with toasted bread or parathas for a wholesome breakfast. Thank us later. Click here for the recipe.  


5. Oats Dalia

Dalia may not have the best reputation, especially among your little fussy-eaters, but all of us know just how healthy and wholesome this porridge-like dish is. There are countless ways to make your dailya more appealing. Trick is  to load it with all your favourite items. This ingenious recipe comes with the goodness of sweet oatmeal. Click here for the high protein recipe.  

6. Bread Pakoda

Some days call for an indulgent start. Like these home-made bread pakodas, sans poor quality oil and ingredients. Cut some fine slices of bread, dip them in spicy besan batter and fry until crispy and golden. Sprinkle some chaat masala on top, and serve them with chutney or dip of your choice. There, there, we saw you slurping. Here’s the recipe you have looking for.  


Try these recipes and let us know your favourites in the comments section below.  

About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

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This Hing Jeere Ke Aloo Recipe Makes For An Irresistible Addition To Any Meal


  • Aloo is an ingredient which is found in multiple recipes across India
  • This easy Hing Jeere ke Aloo recipe is a must-try
  • The preparation involves minimal ingredients and subtle flavours

There are days when a simple bowl of Dal-Chawal or Roti-Sabzi is all you need. These comforting flavours of home-cooked food are truly incomparable. However, there are other days when you crave that extra zing of spicy food in your daily diet. Whether it’s in the form of a spicy street-style Chaat or a tantalising chutney, we just can’t resist adding that extra something to our meals. We bring to you a unique and interesting recipe which uses simple and minimal ingredients for a wholesome taste. This Hing Jeere ke Aloo is an incredible recipe which all spicy food lovers have got to try.

Aloo is an ingredient which is ubiquitous in the Indian cuisine. Batata Vada to Puchka, Aloo ke Paranthe to Masala Dosa, the humble tuber lends itself to countless recipes across the country. However, the Hing Jeere ke Aloo is a minimalist recipe which uses the subtle taste of spices to bring out the best in the vegetable.

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It is a complete myth that most Indian dishes use onions or tomatoes to bring out additional flavour. There are a vast variety of spices in the Indian cuisine that can bring out the best of any dish they are paired with. Some of the most exquisite food preparations of the country feature just one or two major ingredients for a whole new edge of flavour and taste. This unique flavour and aroma that Indian spices impart to a dish can truly make for a sumptuous yet memorable preparation. This is exactly the idea which is behind this wonderful Hing Jeere ke Aloo recipe.



How To Make Hing Jeere Ke Aloo

To begin the preparation, start by preparing a paste made with a single tomato, ginger and green chilli. Grind this till smooth and keep aside. Next, heat oil in a pan and heat up Jeera and Hing till it starts to sputter. Mix in the prepared tomato paste and let it cook for a few minutes. Now, sprinkle the remaining spices such as coriander powder, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder. Sautee for two minutes, then add the diced, boiled potatoes. Add salt to the dish and let it cook for 5 minutes at least. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve the dish hot and fresh!

So, give a yummy makeover to your favourite Aloo with this tantalising Hing Jeere ke Aloo recipe. We promise you’ll be making a second helping very soon!

Head to the top of this article for a step-by-step video tutorial, or else, click here.

About Aditi AhujaAditi loves talking to and meeting like-minded foodies (especially the kind who like veg momos). Plus points if you get her bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat at.

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The Connaught Reopens With Taj’s Majestic Touch; Signature Delicacies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Delhi’s iconic property The Connaught that underwent renovation two-three years ago recently opened doors to the discerning diners of the capital. The launch saw a starry line-up of guests such as Anupam Kher, Suhel Seth and Ms. Smriti Irani. Riveting conversations fueled with nostalgia, coupled with delicious food and drinks, and sheer love of Delhi made the launch a memorable feat. The Connaught, a newly acquired property of New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions  has been revamped with an interesting pop of colours, themed decor and contemporary luxe interiors. The hotel’s one-stop dining destination ‘The Hub’ recently acquired a liquor license and is now serving up a mix signature cocktails. We went for The Connaught’s lavish brunch, and here are some of the delicacies that bowled us over.

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The wide and impressive gamut of options available is may leave you spoilt for choice. We started out with a tour of live counters serving grilled veggies, mushrooms, and fish, followed it up with the gol gappas, chaat, bedmi puri and aloo sabzi that were being served in the Hotel façade, by the pool. There’s plenty for meat and sea-food lovers, do not miss out on the lamb chops, chicken piccata and lobsters.


Photo Credit: Sushmita Sengupta

The selection of cold cuts, cured meat, salads and cheese made for another highlight of this special brunch. The elaborate desi food trail with the evergreen Butter Chicken, Nalli Nihari, Paranthas, Amristsari Chole, delectable Kebabs, famed Chaat Bahaar and sinful desserts such as Daulat Ki Chaat, Doodh Jalebi, Rabri Falooda, Halwa Three Ways and the heart-warming Adrak Wali Chai with Naan Khatai were also included in the launch. We rounded up with the delicate Tiramisu and cream macaroons.  


Photo Credit: Sushmita Sengupta


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The Hub would be serving potpourri of dishes from around the world.  Some fascinating combinations you shouldn’t miss. If you are planning to visit soon, do make sure you share the pictures with us.

About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

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Malaika Arora Cooked A Chef-Special South Indian Curry From Kerala; See How It Turned Out


We won’t let you keep wondering for long. We dug further and found out that Malaika cooked Prawn Mango Drumstick Curry by following the recipe of a famous south Indian chef Suresh Pillai.

The chef explained the recipe and also shared step-by-step cooking process. First prepare the stock by cooking prawn head in coconut oil with curry leaves and turmeric powder. Then remove the shells and head from the stock and cook further with drumsticks, green mango, cleaned prawns and curry paste made of coconut and lots of spices. 

Here’s the recipe post:

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