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Hitman and Madden on Stadia highlight an otherwise slow start to 2021

Hitman and Madden on Stadia highlight an otherwise slow start to 2021Source: IO Interactive

I don’t think Google could have ended 2020 in a stronger position than it did with Stadia. After several months of uncertainty and launch woes following its debut in November 2019, Stadia has now come into its own as of late. After the surprising success of Cyberpunk 2077, which now tops our list of the best Stadia games, Google’s cloud gaming service is in a better position than ever going forward, even if the start to 2021 has been a bit slower.

However, now that Stadia has shut down its first-party studio to focus on platform development and third-party support, the future is looking even more open.

Stadia Status is our monthly recap of what’s new and what’s next for the Stadia platform. Let’s dive in!

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Stadia Status: January 2021 Recap

Scott Pilgrim Subway Car Level

Source: Ubisoft

The first few weeks of the month began with almost complete silence. Other than shuffling around a few Stadia Pro games like Hotline Miami and F1 2020, there wasn’t really much to get excited about so far this year until last week. However, in the second half of the month we got Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition, followed by Hitman 3, and it was a really solid one-two punch.

Scott Pilgrim isn’t a perfect beat ’em up, but it does a lot right and features some of the best pixel art and chiptune music I’ve witnessed this side of the 16-bit era. Switching gears for Hitman 3 was a shock to the system, but it’s a great reminder of how magical Stadia can be when utilized to its fullest.

With the launch of Hitman 3, Google also completed its rollout of State Share, a feature that allows you to simply take a screenshot and save a “state” of your game to share with others. For Hitman, this means your mission, difficulty, objectives, and loadout can all be saved in the cloud for someone else to pick up and play. I’m really excited to see how this feature is utilized in future games.

There wasn’t really much to get excited about so far this year until last week.

Beyond that, Hitman 3 was exciting for Stadia because it’s a well-known and high-caliber title that launched on the exact same date as every other platform, just like Cyberpunk 2077. In order for Stadia to keep growing, it needs to do this with every new release. When faced with whether or not to buy a game on Stadia or any other non-cloud platform, sometimes Stadia will win out with gamers due to the allure of no downloads, no updates, and no patches. Speaking from experience, it’s really nice not having to wait for a 100GB game to install or twiddling my thumbs while Elder Scrolls Online downloads its latest patch.

This past week, we got a handful of other really solid games, like the XCOM-like turn-based strategy title Phoenix Point and the long-awaited Madden NFL 21 from EA. I’ve been a Madden player ever since the Sega Genesis days, and I am most excited for what Madden’s release means for the future. If we’re on the verge of getting more EA titles, such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, on Stadia, then that’s huge news. Hopefully, Apex Legends isn’t far off, or Star Wars Battlefront 2.

I get the feeling that January was a slower month intentionally due to how big November and December were with the deluge of Ubisoft titles and big new releases like Cyberpunk. Back at launch, Google said Pro would usually include one game included with its subscription per month, but over the last few months, it’s gotten as high as six Pro games in a single month. That’s a great value.

Stadia Status: February 2021 and beyond

Cyberpunk 2077 Rogue Screenshot

Source: David Jagneaux / Android Central

Since Journey to the Savage Planet is finally releasing in February from Typhoon Studios, a company that Stadia Games & Entertainment acquired way back in December of 2019, I originally wanted to believe that means it would open up the door to more first-party Stadia titles, but that’s no longer a possibility. As of today, Google is shutting down all of its internal Stadia studios, according to a recent statement.

What Stadia needs is a big, platform-selling must-have game that you can’t play anywhere else

This is troubling news because, more than anything, Stadia needed big exclusives to attract users to the platform. We have no idea what Jade Raymond, who was in charge of the project, was working on over these last few years and now she’s gone.

Cyberpunk 2077 sort of became the game to get for Stadia for a brief period of time, but that was basically an accident. In place of actual first-party titles, what we need now is long-term planning, clear and transparent communication, and alluring releases that get the Stadia community excited for reasons other than getting just another old port.

In the near term, February could be another slow month for Stadia compared to the end of 2020. Journey to the Savage Planet should be a good, quirky adventure with its exclusive Stadia content, but other than that, we don’t know much about what’s coming next. The previously-announced FIFA 21 is a safe bet on the heels of Madden, though, so we’ll probably see that in February. I’m expecting Ubisoft+ to continue expanding as well and for more THQ Nordic titles to make their way onto Stadia.

Get More Stadia

google stadia founders edition 1zi3

Google Stadia

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God of War is getting a free PS5 update bringing it to 4K 60 FPS

God of War is getting a free PS5 update bringing it to 4K 60 FPSSource: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Santa Monica’s 2018 title God of War reached critical acclaim and commercial success on the PS4. Now the studio is providing a patch so it’s an even better experience on the PS5. This update is completely free and is arriving for PS5 owners on February 2. With this update, God of War runs at 4K 60 FPS on PS5, using checkerboard rendering.

If for some reason you want to play it with the older settings, you’ll still have that ability by going to the options and selecting Original Performance Experience. God of War is part of the PlayStation Plus Collection of games, so if you haven’t played it yet, this is the perfect time to do so.

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A new God of War is one of the games currently slated to arrive on the PS5 later in 2021. It doesn’t have an official title or release date though. Other upcoming PlayStation exclusives throughout 2021 include Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Part.

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Is Google shutting down Stadia?

Best answer: No. At the time of this writing Google is not shutting down the Stadia platform. It is, however, closing its internal development and publishing studios that were working on exclusive first-party Stadia games to instead focus efforts on third-party deals and supporting the platform as a whole.

So, Google isn’t shutting down Stadia?

No, on Feb. 1, 2021 Google announced that it’s closing its internal Stadia development studios that were working on exclusive Stadia projects, not that it was shutting down Stadia as a whole. This means the platform will continue to exist as it does today, but in the future, Google is focusing on third-party projects and supporting the Stadia platform rather than investing resources into developing exclusive first-party games.

Will new games continue to release on Stadia?

As of right now there is no reason to assume new games will stop releasing on Stadia. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of the best Stadia games were third-party releases and most of the first-party content has been subpar so far. According to today’s statement, Google is committed to continuing Stadia. We don’t personally think it’s in trouble just yet.

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What happens to my game data if Stadia shuts down?

Right now, Google allows you to download all of your Stadia player profile information, game history, achievements, game stats, social data, captures, and game saves using Google Takeout. If Stadia shuts down completely, you will likely lose access to all of that and all of your games, but you should get a warning to give you time to grab your data.

Just because you can download this data doesn’t mean you’ll be able to access your game save on another platform. Some publishers, such as Ubisoft, support cross-saves between consoles, but most don’t. Division 2 and Elder Scrolls Online have cross-saves between Stadia and PC, for example, but in all cases you’d need to rebuy the game on another platform before you can access any save data.

What happens to my games if Stadia shuts down?

In all likelihood you will lose all access to your games if Stadia shuts down. There is no option to download a game from Stadia to play it locally since it’s a cloud-based gaming platform, and, technically speaking, you don’t actually own any of the games on the service.

Back in the summer of 2019 before Stadia launched, Andrey Doronichev, director of product for Stadia, gave a very carefully-worded non-answer to this same question during a Reddit AMA. The gist of it is that Google doesn’t want you to worry because lots of stuff is in the cloud these days. The closest he gets to an actual answer is, “the games you buy on Stadia are yours to play,” which is a fancy way of saying nothing.

There is no explicit confirmation at this time, but if the day comes that Google does actually shut down Stadia completely then you will likely lose all access to your games on Stadia, including the ones you’ve purchased outright.

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The LG Velvet finally starts receiving stable Android 11 update

Owners of the LG Velvet can rejoice as the stable build for Android 11 has finally begun to roll out to devices in Korea, which means a U.S. rollout shouldn’t be too far behind. The update began appearing over the weekend, and there’s no apparent changelog included with the update, but it’s expected to carry all of the goodies that come with Android 11 such as Chat Bubbles, improved security, and more.

The update is based on LG UX 10, up from UX 9 on previous devices like the LG Wing. That means there’s likely to be some visual changes to the UI, although those haven’t been identified. The size of the update comes it at around 2.2GB.

In December, the LG Velvet became the first and only LG smartphone to receive the Android 11 beta in Korea, which included a number of improvements and additions. According to LG, this is is the only device scheduled to receive Android 11 this quarter. With any luck, the company will push updates for more of the best LG phones like the LG Wing and V60 ThinQ by next quarter, as they are the only two flagship LG smartphones released last year.

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LG is expected to announce at least two more premium flagship smartphones this year, a traditional flagship that is likely to be a successor to the LG V60, and the LG Rollable smartphone that was teased at CES. The fate of either and/or both devices is unknown as they may face delays in the wake of the company’s alleged sale of its smartphone division.

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Sling TV free trial: Here’s how to try it before signing up

Sling TV has a free trial available right now that gives you three full days of access to the plan and add-ons of your choice! Choose between the Sling Blue, Sling Orange, or Sling Orange + Blue plans and then add-on additional packages for more channels to watch for free during your three-day trial period.

Sign up at Sling TV now

Sling TV is easily one of the best live TV streaming services out there right now. Not only is it affordable with plans starting at just $35 per month, but it includes many of the most popular cable channels and local broadcast channels as well. Whether you’re a sports fan who can’t live without ESPN or someone who’s obsessed with HGTV and discovering new ways to reinvent spaces and furniture in your home, Sling TV has you covered.

With the free trial at Sling, you’ll not only score three days of access to the base plan of your choice for free but also any add-ons you select. There are a few add-ons which are not eligible for the free trial period, including NBA League Pass and NBA Team Pass.

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Another option is to check out the ‘Watch Free’ section at Sling. There’s a selection of content that’s completely free to watch even without being a Sling subscriber, including on-demand shows and films as well as a few live TV channels. This is the perfect way to get a feel for how Sling works if you’re not willing to enter your billing information to start the free 3-day trial.

Is there a longer Sling TV free trial?

We’ve seen longer Sling TV trials in the past, including one that allowed non-subscribers to watch between the hours of 5PM and midnight each night during early 2020 and others that gave new subscribers two weeks for free. Though three days isn’t quite as great an offer, it’s still a nice opportunity to try out the service and cancel before it charges you if you decide it’s not worth the cost.

Are there any Sling TV deals?

There are always a few Sling TV deals for new subscribers, and they typically give you a free device that makes it easier to stream the service with! Most of these offers ask that you pre-pay for two or three months of Sling in advance. As thanks, you’ll receive a free device such as a TiVo Stream 4K or an AirTV Mini. Considering those devices typically cost above $50 themselves, it’s a smart way to sign up if you have a TV at home that needs a way to watch.

What plan options are currently offered for Sling TV?

Sling has two base plans which vary slightly in the channels they provide: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. A third plan, Sling Orange + Blue, combines all the channels from the base plans so you don’t have to choose between them. Sling Orange is missing channels like SYFY, FX, and TLC while Sling Blue doesn’t offer channels like ESPN or Disney Channel. With Sling Orange + Blue you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. Plus, you’ll save an additional 25% by signing up for the combined plan.

Sling’s plans are affordably priced by keeping the channel list relatively low from the onset, though each plan allows you to add on additional channels which aren’t available in the base plans. You can find a pack of additional channels for kids at just $6 more per month or channels like VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, WE TV, GSN, and many more. There are a bunch of channel packs to consider as well as premium movie channels like Showtime and Starz.

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These are the best smart LED light bulbs that work with Google Home

Smart LED Light Bulbs that Work with Google Home
Android Central

Not only are LED smart bulbs more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, but you’ll feel like Tony Stark walking through your home, controlling the lighting with just your voice. Google Home is one of the tentpole home assistant platforms and all of the bulbs listed here pair perfectly with all of the best Google Home compatible devices available. The question you need to ask yourself as a consumer is how many bulbs you need for your home and how much are you willing to spend?

Full-feature smart lights

To experience the best that smart LED lights can offer, you’ll want to start with ones that are entirely customizable with the full spectrum of colors available. Because these bulbs are way more expensive than any light bulb you’ve probably bought in your life you’re going to want to choose a brand that can satisfy all your smart lighting needs or piece together your house plan with bulbs that don’t need a hub.

philips hue 4 pack press se

Staff pick

Philips is the leading manufacturers of wireless LED smart bulbs and for good reason. Philips Hue bulbs are so easy to set up and work like magic with custom voice controls. A good starting point is the 4-pack of multi-color bulbs that come with the necessary Philips Hue Bridge for connecting all your bulbs. Once you get the Bridge set up, it acts as a hub for connecting more Philips Hue products and converting your whole home to smart lights.

$199 at Amazon

wiz connected color bulbs 2 pack

I love Philips Hue bulbs, but there’s no arguing with that price. They’re super expensive. Philips other brand, WiZ Connected, is a recent acquisition by parent company Signify and, surprisingly, is completely separate from the Hue ecosystem. These bulbs don’t require a hub at all and, instead, connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network. They’re also perfect for pairing with any smart home service, not just Google Home, and maintain the quality that you expect from the Philips brand without the expected price.

$20 at Best Buy

lifx mini b22 floating official render

LiFX newest bulbs are much smaller than the older models, sporting the mini-bulb moniker and emitting 800 lumens of brightness. Each bulb has the ability to customize your spaces with 16 million colors and 1000 shades of warm to cool whites. No additional hardware is required to get things set up with Google Assistant as each bulb connects directly to your Wi-Fi network.

$159 at Best Buy

sengled smart bulbs press

Sengled offers the best value for budget-conscious consumers looking to invest in smart bulbs — but you’re still going to need a dedicated hub. The good news is that once you have that hub, you’re able to add up to 64 bulbs to your network, and Sengled has the best prices for buying bulbs in bulk.

$70 at Best Buy

xiaomi color led four pack press

Xiaomi is a massive Chinese brand that offers smart bulbs through the Yeelight brand that don’t require a hub to work with Google Home. These multi-color bulbs provide 800 lumens of brightness and can be synced to music or set in sync with your morning alarms. If you’ve already got a bunch of products from Xiaomi’s Mi Home smart home line, this might be your best choice. Dimmable white bulbs are also available.

$50 at Amazon

nanoleaf aurora rhythm render

Do the Nanoleaf light panels fit the description of a smart bulb? That’s up for debate, but no doubt, these are the coolest smart lighting kit you can control with Google Assistant. This kit includes the Rhythm Module and nine panels so you can mount a customized light fixture on the wall of any room in your home that will dance along with pulsing color to the ambiance of the room.

$199 at Best Buy

govee strip lights 5m waterproof

These 16ft LED light strips are amazingly cheap and easy to install anywhere in your home. Each strip includes a dedicated on/off switch that also lets you change colors without your phone or smart speaker, but you’ll use the Govee Home app. There’s lots of customization available, and you can link your Govee account to Google Home to control it all with your voice.

$18 at Walmart

govee immersion tv lightstrip crop

Designed for 55-inch and 65-inch TVs, the Govee Immersion LED Strip Lights can dynamically change the color and brightness of each LED on the strip based on what’s happening on your TV. It does this with a little camera that sits either above or below your TV, which works with any kind of content on your TV. Deep integration with Google Home means you can make routines that change your lighting to set the mood for movie watching or game playing, and you won’t even need a hub to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, either.

$74 at Amazon

philips hue econic sconce

If you’re already planning on investing in a Philips Hue system — or already have — Philips Hue Econic is a phenomenal way to add smart lighting to your front porch without much fuss or cost. This attractive light fixture sports a built-in LED array that ties directly into the Philips Hue hub and lets you run all the same routines and connections that Philips Hue supports. Econic supports any color you can think of, so holiday decorating becomes way easier, and a standard dimmable white range of colors can be chosen for any other time of the year.

$159 at Amazon

et2 iq crop

Like the Philips Hue Econic fixture above, ET2 IQ features a built-in LED array that allows ET2 to design a fixture that would otherwise be impossible with standard lightbulbs. ET2 IQ is part of the Friends of Hue program, meaning it connects directly to your Philips Hue hub and can be used with Google Home and any routines you might want to incorporate it in. This one is style and substance.

$538 at Amazon

Dimmable white smart bulbs

Let’s be real, not every smart bulb in your home needs to cycle through 16 million different colors; they just need to be dimmable and react to your voice commands. You can save some money buying white LED smart bulbs for the more mundane areas of your house like hallways and bathrooms and save the fancier color bulbs for the areas you entertain your guests. There are dimmable white smart bulbs available for each smart hub ecosystem along with many options that only require a Wi-Fi connection.

philips hue 4 pack bulbs cropped press

As long as you already own a Philips Hue Bridge, you can start adding smart bulbs to any room in your house. With this four-pack of dimmable white bulbs, you’re able to schedule and automate your lighting to fit your daily needs or make it appear that your home is lived-in while you’re out by scheduling lights in different rooms to turn on and off throughout the evening.

$90 at Amazon

wiz a19 bulbs

Philips WiZ Connected is the other brand from Philips parent company, Signify, and works just as well with Google Home as you would expect the Philips Hue line to. The big difference here is that these bulbs tie directly into your home’s Wi-Fi network instead of using a hub like Hue does. That means setup is simpler and you don’t have a single point of failure. Not only that, but the cost of entry is much, much lower. A win, win, win, really.

$36 at Amazon

lifx mini smart bulb press cropped

LIFX bulbs don’t require a hub, just a reliable connection to the Wi-Fi network. This bulb is comparable to a 60W bulb and is perfect for smaller lamps or lighting fixtures. The white variation offers the best value for your money, but there are mini color bulbs or day & dusk bulbs that will change the color and warmth of the lighting based on the time of day. These are sold individually and are perfect for lamps on bedside tables.

$20 at Amazon

sengled smart led bulbs 8 pack press

If you’ve already got a Sengled hub — or even a SmartThings or Wink hub — you can add eight bulbs to your network for the best price per bulb that you will find. That’s a heck of a deal and a great option if you desire to replace every bulb in your home with a voice-controlled smart bulb without spending hundreds of dollars.

$77 at Amazon

meross edison bulbs

Check out this two-pack of Meross bulbs for the retro look of an Edison bulb with all the convenience of a connected smart bulb. These are standard A19 bulbs controllable through your phone or with Google Assistant and are easy to dim and set on scheduled timers. They connect directly to Wi-Fi and don’t need a hub of any kind, making it easy to pick up a few without having to worry it not working with other types of bulbs.

$28 at Amazon

kasa smart white led bulb

For those of you who are okay with standard white, dimmable smart bulbs and don’t want to spend a fortune, Kasa Smart bulbs are a good pick that offers the added benefit of no hub — just a reliable connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network is required. Each bulb is priced affordably and make it easy to pick up lots without breaking the bank.

$14 at Amazon

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

The best part about having so many smart light bulbs available that all work with the Google Assistant is that you can have a hub set up and some individual Wi-Fi bulbs all running on your home network and still control everything using just your voice.

Our top recommendation is the Philips Hue Starter kit which gets you all you need to start building out your dream smart home. Hue certainly costs more than other brands, but the Philips Hue app and all its integrations make it simply smarter than other options. These bulbs tie in perfectly with Google Home and you can use Google Assistant to control every single aspect of your lights, including powerful zone controls. The Philips Hue hub uses an ultra-reliable Zigbee wireless connection, which is different wireless technology from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. That means your bulbs will work properly even if your home Internet connection is out.

But just because you have some Hue bulbs doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match brands to your heart’s content. Google Assistant works with every brand on here, including the ability to change colors, dim the bulbs, and add them to routines. Bulbs like Philips WiZ Connected are way cheaper than Hue without sacrificing much in the way of features, while accent pieces like the Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit add extra flair to your home that simply can’t be achieved by any normal-style lightbulb.

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Google is shuttering Stadia internal development studios

Stadia Games and Entertainment is Google’s first-party development studios for Stadia. Led by Ubisoft veteran Jade Raymond, the organization consisted of two internally built studios, one of which is led by Shannon Studstill, formerly head of Sony Santa Monica studio. Google also acquired Typhoon Games, creators of Journey to the Savage Planet, for further first-party growth. Now it’s all shutting down.

Google announced today that Stadia Games and Entertainment is being shuttered, with head Jade Raymond exiting the company. According to a report from Kotaku, around 150 developers will be losing their jobs as a result of this closure.

Google cites the time needed and expensive nature of new games as the reason for the closure, since “cost is going up exponentially” Google will instead be working to partner with third-party companies. Google will be keeping Stadia’s infrastructure intact and believes this is the correct way to turn Stadia into a “long-term, sustainable business that helps grow the industry.”

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All Stadia games will remain playable and Google states that more titles are coming from third-party partners in the future. So if you’re currently enjoying playing the best Stadia games across the internet, this isn’t going to change.

Most recently, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and WWE 2K Battlegrounds were added as free games for Stadia Pro subscribers. Meanwhile, in a truly interesting bit of timing, Journey to the Savage Planet from Typhoon Games was added to the service today.

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Google reiterates its commitment towards supporting Black-owned businesses

As Black History Month rolls around again, companies with a social justice focus such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are sharing details about initiatives they’re adopting to support the Black community during this month.

Google for its part ramped up investments in causes furthering support of Black-business in 2020 at the height of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. In 2021, it’s pushing those investments further.

Writing on the Google blog, Google’s Attica Jaques, Director of Brand Marketing, Consumer Apps, said:

Historically, Black-owned businesses have served as gathering spots for Black communities throughout the country and provided a strong sense of ownership and belonging for those who were denied equal rights. And today, as more Black businesses come online, they’re creating new pathways for economic opportunity and generational wealth in the Black community. As we kick off the first day of Black History Month, we want to shine a light on Black-owned businesses, big and small, and honor their resilience and ingenuity.

As part of this illumination, Google will now make it a little easier to find Black-owned businesses in the U.S. It already did take steps towards doing so last year when it enabled a Black-owned attribute for businesses. This allowed users to see whether a business was Black-owned when viewing it in Search or Maps. Now, it’s planning to implement a tool in the shopping tab that will let you refine your searches and surface Black-owned business faster. Google is aiming to roll this feature out in the coming months. The company says that interest in Black-owned business has grown by leaps and bounds since 2019, with search interest in 2020 being higher by 600% compared to the previous year.

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Next, Google will also continue to directly support Black-businesses either via way of loans and grants through or by digital skills courses such as the Grow with Google program. Google says the ‘Grow with Google’ program has “helped train over 58,000 Black and Latino small business owners through more than 1,000 digital skills workshops.”

Jaques concluded:

It’s imperative that we support and invest in Black business owners, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many of their businesses to close. Black-owned businesses have a rich legacy of community and activism, and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that their legacy continues to thrive for generations to come.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G now costs the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G (Mystic White)Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

The Galaxy Flip 5G, despite being a phone that represents the future of Samsung phones, was also one that was priced out of reach for most. Starting at $1450, it was more of an aspirational device than something most people would realistically consider.

Samsung has now dropped the pricing to $1200 (via 9to5Google), cutting it by $250. It’s still expensive, but it is priced more like something the company expects users to purchase in appreciable numbers. It also helps that the Galaxy Flip has already been superseded by the Galaxy Z Flip 2, so Samsung doesn’t mind taking a little hit on the pricing. For those who simply want the latest and greatest, the sequel-phone is probably what they’d be looking to get anyway.

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more

On the other hand, it is $1200. This means that the Flip 5G costs as much as the S21 Ultra. It’s still horribly expensive on a purely numerical basis, but there are some variables to think about. The S21 Ultra is Samsung’s current best “basic” phone. if you’re not sold on phones that fold and flip but still want one of the best Android phones, it’s the one you’re most likely to look at. If you were in the market to jump on an S21 Ultra though, it’s now a lot easier to sway you to dip into the foldable pond since you were on board with making the financial committment to begin with.

Would you buy the Galaxy Z Fip 5G now that it costs less? Let us know in the comments below.

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Grab one of these sweet cases to protect your Galaxy Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S6 Cases
Android Central

With its sizeable 10.5-inch AMOLED display, included S Pen, and touch sensitivity, the Galaxy Tab S6 is an impressive tablet. As with any of the best Android tablets, it definitely isn’t cheap, though. So, you’re going to want to pick up a case to keep it from getting scratched or damaged. There are plenty of different styles and looks to choose from, so we rounded up the very best of the best to make the decision a little easier.

tab s6 dadanism case fit

Staff pick

This PU leather covering features a pocket for the S Pen to prevent it from slipping off and getting lost. Additionally, you’ll find a helpful strap on the backside, making it easier to hold the Tab S6 with one hand while you use it. Use the built-in stand to prop it up when watching shows or using your favorite apps.

$14 at Amazon

tab s6 fintie keyboard case

If you think you’ll frequently be typing on your Tab S6, you should pick up this awesome keyboard case. The case itself is made of PU leather and comes in a variety of colors. There’s also a specific S Pen storage location, making it less likely for the S Pen to fall off when you’re on the go.

tab s6 infiland business cover case

Anyone that wants a professional-looking case should consider the Infiland Business Cover. It gives off the appearance of a workspace briefcase, has a slim pocket on the front for essential papers, and has a specific spot for the S Pen. The reliable stand makes it an excellent option for anyone who intends to use any drawing apps.

$14 at Amazon

tab s6 poetic turtleskin series case

Whether you’re looking for a case for your child’s tablet or simply want a protective case for your own, this TurtleSkin case will do the trick. It comes in four different colors and features a specific spot for the S Pen. The case itself is made of silicone and fits snuggly on your tablet for a protective fit.

$15 at Amazon

tab s6 poetic lrker pu leather wallet case

This wallet case not only has four credit card slots, but it also has two pockets in the front, making it easier for you to carry essential papers with you whether you’re traveling, at home, or at work. The folio is made of PU leather and features magnets that keep the credit card pocket, and the main case cover closed unless you want them open.

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tab s6 ztotop case

This beautifully simple case protects without adding bulk to your Tab S6. The case is made of PU Leather and folds back into a stand. There’s even a small covering that magnetically folds over the S Pen to keep it from accidentally falling off the tablet. Choose from a black, grey, blue, or pink design.

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tab s6 moko case fit

If you intend on using the S Pen frequently, you should consider picking up this case. In addition to allowing you to store the stylus on the backside, it also provides an interior storage space. That way, you’re less likely to lose it and can access the pen without turning your tablet over. The case provides ample protection and the stand props it up beautifully.

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moko case fit clear grip

If you’re looking for a super small case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your Tab S6, you should get the MoKo Clear Grip. It’s transparent, allowing you to clearly see the backside of the tablet. There is a cut out for the S Pen, and it will protect your tablet from scratches and drops. We encourage you to purchase a sleeve or carrying bag if you choose this option.

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tab s6 moko rugged cover

This slim case provides plenty of protection for your tablet while holding the S Pen a little more firmly than many other cases out there. It comes with its own built-in screen protector, which helps prevent scratches from damaging your display and doesn’t mess with the touch sensitivity.

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These are the best Galaxy S6 Tab Cases

When you purchase a case for your Tab S6, you want to make sure that it’s helpful enough to actually provide protection. You’ll be looking for something stylish that can hold your S Pen firmly, provides extra convenience features and doesn’t cost too much. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there.

We highly recommend the Dadanism Case Fit since it holds your S Pen a little more securely than some other cases, looks stylish, and doesn’t cost that much.

If you want something that makes work-life a little easier or simply allows you to surf the internet a little better, the Fintie Keyboard Case should be on your radar. It features a specific storage location for your S Pen, and comes in 10 different colors.

If you’ve picked up the Tab S6 specifically for the drawing capabilities, we highly recommend that you purchase the Moko Case Fit. Instead of only giving you the option to hold the S Pen on the backside, this case also provides a secure slot for it on the inside. The case is made of a durable, protective material and has a reliable kickstand.

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