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Carbon Health Vaccine | Carbon Health Covid Vaccine

Carbon Health Vaccine is one of the leading healthcare providers in the country with the goal of providing quality healthcare to everyone. Carbon Health offers primary and emergency health care, which is available to nearly two-thirds of the United States. With its unique technology platform, Carbon Health Covid Vaccine provides patients with omni-channel care.

It is designed to provide care where the patient is, through personal clinics, home care, hardware, onsite employer care, and virtually a variety of access points via Carbon. Health app. Carbon Health also provides value-based care to business partners in a wide range of industries, including academia, sports, entertainment, biotechnology, and travel.

Founded in 2015, Carbon Health is based in San Francisco and is supported by Atreides, Blackstone Construction, Dragoneer Investment Group, Brookfield Technology Partners (BTP), Fifth Wall, Lux Capital, Silver Lake Waterman, DCVC, and Builders VC. .. Download the app (iTunes or Google Play) or visit to access Carbon Health.

Carbon Health Vaccine, one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, today announced the launch of a fully integrated HIPAA compliant solution. This enables companies to safely and seamlessly meet their current and future COVID vaccination obligations through the collection, storage and supply of vaccination reports and sensitive employee tests. information.

Carbon Health is the first healthcare provider to offer such a solution in the United States, facilitating reliable third-party compliance and subsequent healthcare services with experience in handling and handling medical information.

Carbon Health Covid Vaccine

In early September, the Biden administration announced that it had requested the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Ministry of Labor to develop rules requiring all “large employers” to have a COVID-19 vaccine or test. ..

Pre-regulation states that all employers with 100 or more employees must have their employees fully vaccinated or before unvaccinated employees begin work at least once a week. You need to make sure that you get a negative test result. This obligation puts a heavy burden on the employer, as large fines are imposed in connection with the breach.

Carbon Health

“Employers who need to comply with this rule have a hard time deciding how to store and track the status of vaccines and tests for hundreds of employees. In addition, many have security and access. We don’t want to manage employee health information directly because of concerns, which is where Carbon Health comes in, “said Eren Bali, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Health.

“We are a reliable healthcare provider, securely managing the personal health data of millions of patients, including vaccinations and tests, and others because they are fully integrated. You can get vaccination status (or test results) and release status in one application, rather than grouping them from multiple different sources like software solutions. “

The platform integrates the Carbon Health mobile application with custom business control screens. This allows employers to easily view and manage employee immunization and test compliance, and collect and store documents provided by employees in connection with their releases. Employers can also use this panel to communicate with their employees.

Through a seamless and easy-to-use mobile experience, employees can report vaccine status and report weekly test results. From this data, the Carbon Health application allows employees to view compliance status through their health path and perform visual inspection or QR code validation. Carbon Health keeps sensitive medical information secure on behalf of employers while maintaining privacy by separating sensitive medical information from traditional employee records management systems.

Since early 2020, when Carbon Health was one of the first healthcare providers to diagnose infectious COVID-19 cases in the country, we have launched several initiatives in response to pandemics and COVID-specific expertise. .. These initiatives include large-scale testing and vaccination programs in collaboration with local governments such as the City of Los Angeles and companies such as Amazon Studios, leading to over 1 million tests and over 1 million vaccines.

Currently, a clinical trial program focused on testing various COVID-19 therapies. COVID Positive Care is a unique program that provides access to comprehensive care, monitoring and education for all who test positive for COVID-19. Carbon Health also first introduced COVID Ready, a unique application that allows businesses to monitor their safe return to work using a mobile platform.


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