It’s been almost a decade since Twitter purchased TweetDeck, the third-party client with its multi-column interface that focuses on glanceability and speed above everything else. It used to have an Android app of its own, but it was sunset all the way back in 2013 because Twitter wanted to focus on the desktop version. Enter 2021, and Japanese developer HiSubway has created a third-party client that adds TweetDeck to your Android phone: MarinDeck.

The client loads an optimized mobile view of the usual TweetDeck interface that loosely resembles the Twitter Android app. A few tweaks have been made to accommodate the smaller screen, like moving the leftmost sidebar into a hamburger menu and making swiping between columns snappier on touchscreens. You can also use the bottom bar to quickly jump from column to column. Then there’s a dark theme option that respects your system theme, tons of UI tweaking options in the advanced settings, room for custom CSS and JavaScript, and a toggle to always leave the screen turned on while the app is open.

marindeck 1 marindeck 2 marindeck 5

Other than that, you can do almost anything that’s available in the regular web version. You can add and remove columns, send tweets, search, write and read direct messages, and so on. The only thing I haven’t spotted so far was an option to reorder columns, which is done via drag-and-drop on the desktop.

marindeck 3 marindeck 4 marindeck 7

Since MarinDeck relies on displaying a tweaked web view rather than Twitter’s third-party API, we assume that the app shouldn’t run into the pesky token limit for logins. Provided that Twitter doesn’t take offense at this workaround, MarinDeck should be available for everyone indefinitely.

The Play Store listing currently still says that MarinDeck only supports Japanese, but almost all necessary English translations have been added with the latest update. I’ve only run into a few remaining untranslated strings in the theme settings.

You can download MarinDeck from the Play Store or over at APK Mirror. The app is available for free, but you can support the development on Patreon if you like what you see.

MarinDeck for TweetDeck
MarinDeck for TweetDeck