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Blood Gang | About

From a long list of gangs operating in the United States of America, Blood is one of the most Notorious and Popular Gangs. It is a group of primarily African American St gang

Even though Blood Gangs are known to operate in more than 40 states of the United States and a few other countries. But they are well known for their rivalry against another organized group called Crips

In some areas, Blood is also called Red Gang because they wear Red Color. As per estimation, it has more than 15,000 Active members which are included in Drug Trafficking, Murder, Assault, Theft, Robbery, etc.

In 1978 there were 15 blood sets. Crips was still over Bloods 3: 1. Bloods became more and more violent to claim their power. In the 1980s, bloods cracks began to spread to Los Angeles. Blood membership quickly increased dramatically, as did the number of states in which they existed. These increases were primarily due to benefits from the distribution of crack cocaine. The enormous profits allowed members to move to other cities and states.

Blood Gang Signs | Blood Gang Hand Signs

Blood Gang Signs Every gang in America has a few hand signs which are like their identity or affiliation. To check the primary hand sign of the blood gang. Kindly see the image below.

Blood Hound Gang

Bloodhound is a sub-group of the original blood gang. It was founded by L Johnson who is currently in prison for 30 years. Blood hound operates in New York City where the original Blood Gang operates in Los Angeles.

Blood Gang Wallpaper

As the popularity of blood gangs is growing among African American youth. That is why Many artists related to the blood gangs have created a few blood gang Wallpapers. 

Blood Gang Tattoos 

Every gang has a few tattoos associated with them. And members wear them proudly. Here are a few examples of tattoos That can be associated with the blood gang from California, United States of America.

Blood Gang Codes | Blood Gang Colors

Blood gang is Famous to wear red color which is like an unspoken code for the other gang members. Other than that blood gang is known to create a few codes such as Member of blood as MOB.

Blood Gang Members Colors

As you know, the blood gang currently has more than 15,000 active members. It is a Loosely structured association That includes multiple small St gangs. Each gang has its own leader and they generally operate independently from any other associated gangs.

Even though most of the gang members are male in their mid 20s. but St gangs do not shy away from hiring teenagers. Even though it has multiple St gangs, but all of these gangs have one leader which is not selected by voting but rather develops himself in the environment of the gang.

Just like any other typical gang, the bigger gangster is on the higher post in the blood gang also. And all the new guys have to give a loyalty test before they are hand over an assignment.

Blood Gang Rappers

There are many artists including rappers who have publicly announced that they had been in association with the Blood Gang or an active member.

Starting from the world-famous rapper Lil Wayne to one of the notorious female rappers Cardi B. many artists have either announced that they were proudly part of the Blood gang. But a few rappers are shy to announce any kind of relationship with the gang. 

One of the interesting stories happened when Chris Brown shot a music video in their neighborhood and also used gang signs. He also gave jobs to several Blood gang members But he never publicly announced any association or membership with the blood gang.

Blood Gang Recruitment Process

Blood is widespread among school-age teenagers in poor African American societies. Gang membership gives young people a sense of belonging and protection. It also makes young people who are economically disadvantaged and want to live in a group happy immediately, like gold jewelry, cash and expensive sportswear. Blood types rank poorly based on how long a person has been in a particular group

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