BELLE RADICI WINE – Full Buying Guide

The Back story of Bella Twins:

BELLE RADICI means “beautiful” IN ITALIAN. While the name was first mentioned by Nikki belle in 2017, They spilled the wine beans on E! News by accident and thus BELLE RADICI WINE “That there’s the launch of Birdie Bee and Belle Radici”.

And after the wait of 3 long years, it finally came in shelves.

The Bella sister’s(Nikki and brie Bella) Show “TOTAL BELLAS “ is absolutely loved and adored among the audience, when they announced the wine name back in time, the fans have been eagerly waiting for it since then.

Nikki and Brie Bella are experiencing twin magic once more as they celebrate another life milestone together. The 36-year-old former WWE superstars have declared that they will be shifting their entire families to Napa Valley, California’s wine area.

The entire wine collection is based on Nikki and Brie Bella’s “agricultural youth,” They also have a professional team in charge of the brand, making sure only the highest quality that “celebrates our common love of the land,” according to the wine’s website. Bottles of Belle Radici are easily found at Total Wine Stores in Pleasant Hill and Redondo Beach, California. You can also grab a bottle of belle redici wine from Total Wine’s website. A red blend and a cabernet sauvignon are in the stock now.

What Belle Radici is made of:

Talking about all the excitement behind the wine launch, let me take you down to the richness and ingredients of “belle Radici”:

  • Winery: belle radiciGrapes: cabernet sauvignon
  • Wine style: Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon
  • Alcohol: 16% alcohol
  • Blend: Red blend.

That’s all the technicality we are going to talk about the wine in this article.


The Bella sisters have selected a price range that is just right keeping in mind the richness and luxury and quality of wine they are providing.

Currently, they offer a red blend ($44.99) and a cabernet sauvignon ($35.99).

Belle Radici’s prices are pretty genuine keeping in mind its quality. Its full-bodied and have the goodness of blackberry, vanilla and sage notes. Simply put, It’s worth every single penny you spend on it.

Your where to Buy guide for Belle Radici Wine

If you are looking forward to buying the bottle of “BELLE RADICI WINE”, here is where you should look for it.


Bottles of BELLE RADICI WINE are available at Total Wine Stores in Pleasant Hill and Redondo Beach, California. They are also available in the stores of the United States, California, North Coast, Napa country, Napa Valley.


The bottles are also available for purchase on Total Wine’s website. A red blend ($44.99) and a cabernet sauvignon ($35.99) are now READY TO GRAB.

If you order right now, you will be watching the next episode of Total Bellas with your potential favorite wine brand. Doesn’t that sounds great?


Even after all the buzz behind this BELLE RADICI WINE and its better if you are still second-guessing to make an order, here I’m to help you with some reviews from the people who have had a wonderful experience.

Here’s is what you need to know;

  • Belle radici Facebook rating: 5 stars
  • Not only that belle Radici has been slaying on review and appreciations for its rich taste:
  • If I share a couple of reviews with you this is how it goes;
  • gave 5/5 reviews to belle Radici, in their “UNCORKED: CELEBRITY WINE REVIEW” .
  • gives a perfect 91% critic score to belle radici wine. 

(According to the reviews on the website buy its buyers and consumers)


The Red wine you have been looking for.


Is It Something worth buying Again? I would say yes, yes I can see myself buying this bottle at least once a month for me. This Napa wine is just wonderful, and these ladies completely outdid themselves with this one!

Grab yourself a bottle of BELLE RADICI WINE and hope on to that favourite show of yours to make your this weekend count.

A tip: It’s perfect with grilled meats, cheese, and great to drink alone as well.

Have you ever had a chance to try some celebrity-endorsed wines? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below!


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