Anti War Protest Russia – Anti War Protest Across Russia 2022

Anti War Protest Russia

Anti War Protest Russia – Streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg have been hit by anti-war protesters since the first day Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine.

Many independent human rights associations have been reporting that more than 4500 protesters were arrested on Sunday at anti-war demonstrations across Russia.

Apart from that, Many journalists posted several videos where thousands of people were chanting No To War on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In the videos, protesters say they are not afraid of jail time because Ukrainians are not just their neighbors but cousins.

Reasons for anti-war protest in Russia

As per the media reports and interviews were taken by reporters on the ground, people have noted several reasons for anti war protests in Russia. Even though they are residents of Russia, they still do not support the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack their neighboring country Ukraine.

Long history

A protester On the streets of Moscow told a reporter that both countries have a long history of and don’t think Ukraine is a threat to Russia or Russian peoples.

In history, both countries were together for more than a few centuries. They are not enemies like any other western country even though Ukraine was having talks with the European Union and not a group to join them.

The general public in Russia believes that Ukrainians are their brothers, and we should let them live peacefully and let them make their own decisions.

Anti War Protest Russia
Anti War Protest Russia


Many protesters on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg told many reporters that even though they were not happy that Ukraine was in talks with the United States and European Union to join the European Union and NATO, they still believe everyone has a right to live.

Joining a group or union is not a decision of a citizen of any country. In any war, politicians do not die. Only civilians and soldiers lost their lives, which is the wrong thing. The whole situation between Russia and Ukraine due to NATO was merely political.

Friends and family

Apart from the above-given reasons, many protesters say that they have family or friends living in Ukraine. There was an old man who said that he has a son, daughter, law, And two grandchildren living in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Now the old man fears he might lose his only family members who are living in the hot spot of war. Just like him, there are hundreds of thousands of people Who have close relatives living in Ukraine, let alone friends.

Old Experience

In the videos posted on Twitter by several journalists, people were seen talking about their old experiences during the Soviet Union and Cold War era. Many people did not like the government and the actions taken by the government during the Soviet Union era.

People do not want to go on those days once again. Now they fear that the world will cut them off, and it will be very hard for them to progress in the future without the help of others. 


Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware due to the use of the Internet and other available information. Protesters on the street were even indulged in several debates with authorities regarding technical terms such as fastest and special military operation.

They even showed many videos of the army attacking several Ukrainian towns and killing innocent people. They say information is available at our fingertips, and no Russian government cannot fool us.

Rising inflation

even though it will be very early to say that sanctions announced by several Western countries and West allied countries have shown their impact. But, we can safely conclude that people are in fear of rising inflation.

People fear that it will be very hard for them to live in the upcoming months because Russia is cutting its ties With several western and West-backed countries. We saw many people protesting soon after Google Pay and Apple Pay announced their discontinuation of services in Russia.

World Sanctions

Several news reporters have reported back that people are in fear as the government does not want anyone to talk about the world sanctions on Russia. Apart from that, people have seen the condition of North Korea due to these world sanctions.

People do not want the end of the Russian economy, just like North Korea. Similar to Russia, North Korea also does not have any relationship with any country in the world except Russia and China. Mostly the North Korean economy relies on the Chinese, And they are not allowed to make any trade with any other country in the world.

Current situation of Anti War Protest in Russia 

After a few days of war started between Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill that introduced jail terms for up to 15 years for fake news about the Russian army.

Apart from that, nobody can also talk about the sanctions and penalties from western capitals over the invasion of Ukraine. 

Till now, the police have arrested thousands of people across 56 countries in Russia. On the 6th of March Sunday, authorities arrested at least 4500 people in more than 50 cities for protesting against the government.

As per the reports, the authorities have also arrested 13 journalists and more than 100 juveniles in those 4500 people who were arrested On the 6th of March Sunday.

Apart from that, there have been videos where police beat several demonstrators as they claimed these protests were unauthorized.

President Vladimir Putin has recently signed a bill where people could be jailed for talking about world sanctions on Russia, and they also do not like to talk about the world invasion or war.

Even though it is very clear that Russia is at war with the Ukrainian government and military and they are trying to invade the country, the Russian President and authorities do not like people talking about it.

That is why they are doing everything to suppress the protests. A few independent reports have also pointed out that more than 15,000 people have been arrested in several cities of Russia, including the capital city Moscow in the last ten days.

Police brutality during anti-war protests in Russia

Recently, during anti-war protests in Russia, several police personnel were seen violently beating protesters on the streets of Saint Petersburg. 

These videos are not fake, and many renowned and international media houses have checked the authenticity and validated these videos.

In the videos, we can clearly see that protesters were walking along the Broad, and suddenly after the heated argument, police started beating protesters in broad daylight.

Anti War Protest Russia
Anti War Protest Russia

Even after successfully detaining protesters, the protesters did not stop shouting, and they kept saying No To War. 

No to war has become the main slogan of protesters in Russia these days. Every single anti-war rally in Russia has used it since the first day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Final words

One of the most unexpected things happened after the Russian President announced a special military operation against its neighbor Ukraine. Many people started protesting against their own President in Russia.

The western world might not have expected people to stand up and start protesting against their government because Russians are not known to do anything like that, which is completely the opposite of their previous image.

Every day we are getting news regarding anti war protests in Russia these days. In response to these protests, the Russian government has announced several restrictions by making a few new laws.

There are many reasons why Russian people are standing against their own government and risking their lives by protesting against them. In today’s digital world, information is something that is available everywhere.

People know about the sanctions Russia is facing these days, and the government of Moscow does not want anyone to talk about that. People are in fear as inflation is rising, and several sanctions have been imposed on the nation.

Is it legal to protest in Russia?

As for the freedom of assembly in the Russian Federation granted by article 31 of the constitution adopted in 1993, citizens of Russia have the right to gather peacefully without any weapons and protest.
But a law introduced in 2014 clearly indicates that you should get permission from authorities to hold any kind of meeting or demonstration. If anyone does not comply with the law, he might be jailed for five years.

Why are people protesting against their own government in Russia?

As per the media reports, many people are not happy because President Putin announced a special military operation pulling its neighbor country Ukraine where they have a history of centuries. Apart from that, people believe that Russia might end up like North Korea with the sanctions. And it will be very hard for them to live in a country with so many restrictions.


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