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Amazon My Account – Since the Very first day, eCommerce has become one of the most successful business ideas. Nowadays, you can buy anything on the Internet, starting from $1 chocolate to all the way $1,000,000 mentions. In our opinion, there is nothing in this world that you cannot buy on the Internet.

And Amazon is one of the biggest and most successful E-commerce businesses on the Internet. Not just in the United States of America, you can buy products from Amazon in the whole world. 

What is Amazon my account?

Whenever anyone tries to purchase anything from Amazon, they have to create an account on Amazon. You can use your email ID and phone number to create that account.

And all the settings and functions of that account Or collectively called Amazon my account. Usually, Amazon refers to it as Your Account. 

It is one of the most important features of your Amazon account. All of your settings and crucial information will be saved under Amazon my account. Kindly do not open it in front of unknown persons.

Amazon my account features

I assumed till now you have learned about Amazon and what Amazon my account is. Now let’s talk about all the features of my Amazon account. These features will give you a clear look at what you can expect from it and how it works.

Order history

In Amazon my account, the first thing you will see is your order history. In your order history, you can track every order. Other than that, if you have canceled any order or if you have returned, all the details will be available in this section.

You can even get invoices for your orders, and if you want to cancel any, You will also find this option in it. Usually, it will show you the order history of the last three months, but you can also refine it based on the years. You can check orders as far back as 2014.

Login and security

The second feature of my Amazon account is login and security. All the settings and functions related to the security of your Amazon accounts are going to be here.

Here you can change the name of your Amazon account, and if you want to change your email ID or mobile number, you can also do it at the same place. Other than that, you can also change your password at login and security.

Many people do not like two-step verification. That is why it is not enabled by default on mute on your Amazon account. If you like to activate two-step verification, you can also turn it on right here.

Amazon My Account

Prime settings

Amazon prime is a service offered by Amazon itself where you can get free services of Amazon prime videos, prime music, 30 minutes early access online shopping deals, and free delivery on eligible items.

If you want to subscribe to Amazon prime, you can do it right here. Currently, they have a 30-day free trial. All the cashback and reward points can only be accessed through the prime settings.


 Shipping addresses are one of the most important things on any e-commerce website. If you do not have a shipping address saved in any of your eCommerce websites, then it will be impossible to deliver the product you are going to buy.

Similarly, you also have to provide your shipping address to Amazon so that they can deliver your purchased products. You can check all of your shipping addresses in Amazon my account settings.

You can add a new address, edit already saved or even remove previously saved addresses. 

Payment options

Payment options are also a very important part of any eCommerce website. Previously saved cards and net banking gives you the freedom to check out your order basket as fast as possible.

Whenever you buy anything on Amazon, it will save your payment options. For example, if you bought anything and used your credit card, it will save the information of your credit card for faster checkout next time.

If you want to add, delete or edit any of your previous saved payment options, you can do it here.

Digital content and devices

An Amazon account is not just for purchase on Amazon. You can also use your Amazon account in various apps and subscriptions. 

For example, you can also ask Amazon to deliver one product every month on a specific date, and Amazon will take care of that. Other than that, you can also check all the subscriptions and purchased content for Amazon Kindle.

Alerts and messages

Along with your orders, log in and security, payment options, you can also make small changes such as email alerts, messages, advertisements, etc.

Sometimes Amazon tries to show you personalized ads based on products you purchased or items you checked, which some of us do not like, and you can turn it off in this section. 

Other than that, if you get any message or email From Amazon, you can check it in the message center. Amazon will also show you all the deals notification here.

Other features

There are many small features and settings that many of us do not know, but they exist in my Amazon account. For example, your Amazon business registration, your seller central account, your Amazon Web Services account are all linked together, and you can check it under Amazon my account.

You can also select language preferences, your Amazon wishlist, your profile, etc. are also going to be under other features in Amazon my account. You might not know that Amazon also has a kids profile for Amazon prime videos. Here you can change all the settings related to Amazon prime kids account.

How to access Amazon accounts?

Till now, you have heard a lot about the features of Amazon my account. Now let’s talk about how you can easily access Amazon my account from the desktop as well as a mobile application. 

On your mobile phone, kindly open the Amazon application and then click on the profile icon In the center of the home icon and Cart. Now you can scroll down and check all the features and settings we talked about on Amazon my account. On your desktop, Kindly click on the accounts and list in the center of the region and orders at the top of the home page. 


Amazon my account is an important feature offered by Amazon. As you already know that it is very important for all the eCommerce companies to have some information about you, such as your preferences.

Under Amazon my account, you can find everything related to your Amazon account. You can change your name, email address, mobile number, shipping address, payment options, etc.

Other than that, you can also access neglected features such as Amazon seller central account, Amazon Web Services, etc. it is a very useful thing, and in the opinion of experts, every single user of Amazon should learn about it.

Can I also access merch by Amazon dashboard through Amazon my account?

No, you cannot access merch by Amazon dashboard through Amazon my account. To access the dashboard of merge by Amazon, you have to login in March by Amazon. Other than that, you also cannot log in directly to your kindle publishing dashboard through your Amazon my account.

Can I delete my credit card information using my Amazon account?

Yes, you can easily delete your credit card information using Amazon my account. Simply log into your Amazon account and click on Amazon my account, then go to payment options and delete the payment method. Other than that, you can also access the list of other saved credit and debit cards.

How can I change my default address in my Amazon account?

You can change your default address in your Amazon account by simply using Amazon my account. Kindly log in to your Amazon account and click on my account. Here you will find an option named your address. Kindly click on that. 
As soon as you click on your addresses, it will ask you to re-enter your password and then proceed. Once you have entered your password, it will allow you to access your addresses. Here you can add a new address and make your new address as default.

How can I find my Amazon account login history?

It is very easy to find your Amazon account login history. Simply log in to your Amazon account and go to my Amazon account. Now Scroll down to digital content and devices. In digital content and devices, you have to click on devices. It will show you all of your Amazon account login histories under one sheet.


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