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Snohomish County is situated between northern Puget Sound to the west and the crest line of the North Cascade Range. It shares its northern border with rural Skagit County and borders King County to the south. Snohomish County is separated from Camano Island (part of Island County) by Davis Slough. The highest point in Snohomish County is Granite Peak (10,541 feet).


(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

With 730,500 residents in 2013, Snohomish County has the third highest population in Washington. Only King and Pierce counties have higher resident populations.

Wages and income

(Source: Employment Security Department; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Bureau of Economic Analysis; U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey)

In 2012, Snohomish County averaged 257,047 jobs covered by unemployment insurance, with a total payroll of $13.5 billion.

The average annual wage in Snohomish County was $52,473 for all industries in 2012.

The median hourly wage was $24.19 in 2011, compared to the statewide median wage of $21.59 per hour.

Washington State

Drug Situation

Sharing a border with Canada, Washington is a transshipment point for drugs and monies entering Canada, as well as Canadian marijuana (street name BC Bud), MDMA (street name Ecstasy) and other drugs entering the United States. Canadian criminal organizations have used profits from the sale of high-potency BC Bud marijuana to purchase cocaine for redistribution in Canada. In particular, Vietnamese organized crime groups and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs such as the Hell's Angels are suspected of heavy involvement in this activity. Crystal methamphetamine is widely available in Washington and distributed by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. The greater Yakima Valley is home to large scale drug trafficking organizations responsible for the distribution of drugs throughout the United States. Money laundering and bulk cash smuggling are additional threats in Washington, with organizations engaging in a variety of methods to legitimize and reposition illicit proceeds.

Street Terms

Did you know that "budder" can be another word for Marijuana?

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