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Types of Complaints Code Enforcement Handles

  • Zoning code violations
  • Dangerous buildings
  • Illegal placement of mobile homes
  • Oversized and illegally placed signs
  • Construction without a permit
  • Grading/excavation/filling
  • Noise problems associated with commercial/industrial activities
  • Travel trailer and recreational vehicle violations
  • Endangered Species Act violations (lakes & streams)
  • Junk and/or junkyard conditions
  • Flood hazard area violations
  • Home occupations
  • Fences/Retaining walls
  • Building setbacks
  • Right-of-way usage
  • Shoreline violations

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement responds to complaints regarding building, zoning, land use and nuisance code violations. We investigate complaints and determine if there is a violation, the extent of the violation and the appropriate action required. We work with all affected parties to resolve or mitigate violations. Our Code Enforcement Officers cover all unincorporated property of Snohomish County. We respond to over 1,300 code violations a year.